Solution Sheet

Spectrum Data Stewardship

Empower your business to decide

Data integrity is critical for every business process. Yet there are nuances to data quality. Many decisions require oversight and input by the owners of the information domain. When you introduce human judgment into your information governance process, your business units can fully own their data assets. The Precisely Spectrum Data Stewardship Module is a browser-based tool for manually reviewing exception records. Correct, approve and reincorporate exceptions into your data quality process for information integrity that your business can trust.

Improve data integrity to improve your business with Spectrum Data Stewardship

Humanize the process

Data technology has reached unprecedented levels, yet there continue to be situations where human review remains essential. Data governance policies contain exceptions and special conditions that require additional oversight by decision-makers.

Control the flow

The Data Stewardship module lets you define rules to control and prioritize data that requires human review. Audit-related metadata is attached to every record to address security and compliance. Then, after manual correction and approval, these records are re-incorporated into your Spectrum Technology Platform data-quality process.

Simplify exceptions

Typical human-review exception records include:

  • Address verification failures
  • Geocoding failures
  • Low-confidence matches
  • Merge/consolidation decisions
  • Red flag conditions

Bring business and IT together

With a common language, platform and goals, you can instill an end-to-end approach to data management.

  • Empower direct ownership and oversight over your data assets
  • “Close the loop” by integrating human decisions directly into the automation process
  • Combine machine learning and human expertise for better matching accuracy as Data Stewardship integrates with Smart Data Quality-enabling a continuous model training though an ongoing feedback loop for match rules to evolve based of the decisions made in Data Stewardship

Exception monitor – Evaluates records against a set of conditions to determine if they require a data steward’s manual review

Write exceptions – Writes the exception records to the exception repository for review by a data steward

Read exceptions

  • Reads records from the exception repository into a dataflow
  • Allows users to reprocess exception records alreadycorrected by a data steward
Spectrum Data Stewardship