White paper

Data Quality Gets Smart

It’s time for expert machine learning

In today’s competitive landscape, data quality matters more than ever. That’s why data users across every industry need to take a more active role in data quality. Yet, most machine learning applications aren’t designed to build on the expertise of these data users. Data cleansing and entity resolution platforms typically require IT expertise. Design is technical and time-consuming. And, the real data experts are a step or more removed from the process.

There is a better way

New innovations combine leading-edge machine learning with intuitive tools that business users can use to review and interact with data presented in familiar formats. Machine learning occurs directly as a result of users’ actions, so entity resolution accelerates and efficiencies increase. With this smart approach, organizations can improve data quality with less effort and better results.

Companies across every industry look for ways to improve data quality — and for good reason. Data is an invaluable strategic asset that can make or break long-term success. Quality data means better analytics, more insight, greater opportunity. It’s an engine for growth.