EnterWorks is an enterprise-grade PIM, DAM, and MDM data hub that enables you to compete and thrive in today’s digital economy—across all your channels.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Aggregate and manage product content across all business applications to create seamless and differentiated experiences that drive your business.

A hub for more than just product content, EnterWorks empowers your business teams to go beyond PIM and glean product intelligence from your customer, location, sales, and other data. With this insight, they can craft compelling, contextual product offers and content that drive better customer experiences and incremental revenue.

Our core automation, syndication, and data quality combined with state-of-the-art AI/ML, print automation, and portal technologies enable your business teams to work both smarter and faster. With this edge, they can make your products easier to find and deliver tailored, on-brand content that turns shoppers into customers—whether that’s online, in print, or in-store—direct or through your channel partners.



The extensible, future-proof platform can bend around the most complex data challenges and manage any type of data

Multiple domains, one hub

Manage everything in one place to accelerate time to value, lower cost of ownership, and gain cross-domain intelligence


Adapt quickly, scale easily, and move at the speed of the market to keep pace with a dynamic business landscape

Improved data quality

Master, govern, and share trusted data across systems in a configure, not code environment

“Fender wanted to play to an even larger audience, so we picked EnterWorks.”

Michael Spandau, CIO and SVP Global IT

Multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM)

Integrate enterprise databases and applications to create a “golden record” for your strategic data assets across your systems to enable timely and accurate decision-making.

Acting as the single source of truth for master data, EnterWorks allows you to get trusted data and content to the systems and channels that power your business—at the speed the market demands, at scale, all from a single platform. More than traditional master data management, EnterWorks provides the information and tools you need to drive incremental revenue, reduce costs, and transform your digital initiatives into a competitive advantage.

And its no-code, low-code design empowers business and data teams to accelerate processes and improve data quality across multiple domains—including product, customer, vendor, material, and location—without sacrificing functionality.

EnterWorks diagram

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Automatically generate versions of content across multiple applications to maintain cross-channel consistency, both in print and online.

By integrating full-featured DAM capabilities, EnterWorks makes it easy to manage any unstructured content—including images, videos, audio, documents, and templates. With a central repository for enterprise-wide digital assets and data, you can streamline storing, categorizing, and managing product-related files and information. Teams can import metadata from images, configure custom fields for cross-selling and up-selling, and automatically generate multiple image formats and resolutions for print and online use.

And as an all-in-one DAM and data hub, EnterWorks allows you to link product, item, brand, asset, and other criteria. These data relationships are bi-directional, meaning users can quickly determine which products are associated with a specific document or file to make agile business decisions.

“With EnterWorks PIM, we collaborate with suppliers using the Vendor Portal to create and enrich our data for a consistent customer experience across our print and digital publication channels.”

Laura Schultz, Director IT and PMO
Johnstone Supply

Workflow and Collaboration

Deploy a robust set of workflow management tools to enable, automate, and enforce best practices in data and content integration and flow across multiple sources, applications, and enterprises.

EnterWorks allows you to set data governance rules, create multiple routings and alerts, and audit data and user activity to ensure accountability and compliance with established policies. Combine profiling and attribute management tools to monitor, analyze, and improve master data. With EnterWorks, you can standardize and validate data and gain continuous insight into its completeness and quality.

Utilize a drag-and-drop interface to manage complex business processes and streamline collaboration between business and technical users, both internal and external. You can also view the activity flow graphically and create alerts and workflows for proactive management and intervention.

“The EnterWorks PIM design, coupled with Demandware framework and integration, has allowed us the opportunity to centralize our messaging, focus on SEO data, and better understand the habits of our consumers across the globe.”

Michael Spandau, CIO and SVP Global IT

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