Solution Sheet

Cross-Domain Intelligence with Multi-Domain MDM

Organizations today are critically reliant on data. When harnessed, high-quality data can drive intelligence, innovation, and growth. Yet all too often, organizations are hurt by fragmented, ineffective data. This data often proves useless without the appropriate connections and relationships between data domains. Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM)can help.

The EnterWorks Multi-Domain MDM solution provides the unified platform organizations need to create a holistic view of enterprise-wide information. This single view of data eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty that results from data gaps and inconsistencies, paving the way for the discovery of powerful insights through cross-domain intelligence.

Journal of Accountability states that 69% of companies with a multi-domain approach to MDM saw an improvement in decision accuracy.

EnterWorks Cross-Domain Benefits

  • Cost and Resources: A centralized multi-domain hub saves cost over single-domain systems that require redundant implementation, training, and maintenance.
  • Intelligence: Navigation and visibility of relationships between data domains aids in informed business decisions.
  • Governance: Retaining single-domain silos causes organizations to face constant barriers in data governance practices, whereas Multi-Domain MDM increases transparency for dramatically improved data quality and data governance. Plus, empower cross domain roles to make more insightful data stewardship decisions.
  • Agility: Multi-Domain MDM provides unparalleled visibility to how data interacts across domains, which enables agile business decisions; single-domain systems lead to slower responses and time-to-market because the business lacks common references and business rules across domains.

Read more about EnterWorks Multi-Domain MDM provides a seamless technology platform – with unified data governance, modeling, mapping, and management of data domains – to aid cross-domain intelligence and operational excellence.

Cross Domain Intelligence with Multi-Domain MDM