Solution Sheet

Product Information Management (PIM)

An accurate and synchronized view of the product information managed (PIM) by your enterprise is essential for supply chain optimization, catalog management, and channel content consistency. However, in most organizations, product data is dispersed throughout multiple business systems, trading partner networks, and supply chain networks.

EnterWorks Product Information Management (PIM) is a comprehensive solution that aggregates and manages product content across all business applications. EnterWorks provides a 360-degree solution for the on-boarding, cleansing, synchronization, and publication of product data.

EnterWorks PIM Benefits:

  • Meets your specific business challenges with a business-driven approach and Dynamic Data Model that adapts to your business, not vice versa.
  • Makes content creation easy by customizing and acclimatizing product content for every channel and previewing it in the context exactly as your customers would see it.
  • Ensures tight integration with advanced eCommerce systems, back-end systems, GDSN, and other syndication networks, as well as other resource tools your team is already using to ensure a flawless transition from back-end to front-end.
  • Powers a content repository with unlimited data attributes and the ability to manage complex relationships between products and category/hierarchies.
  • Offers role-based views tailored by user with security and audit logs for accountability that evolve based on acquisitions, geographic extensions, and organization changes.
  • Applies specific business rules for consistent, up-to-date sources of product content.
  • Enhances searchability across attributes, facets, images, and text to keep up with the trends in products, lifecycles, and markets.

Key Components

  • Single View of Products – Easily maintain product content from different departments and business units with enterprise-wide visibility of product specifications, content, and enrichment information.
  • Powerful Taxonomy and Hierarchy – Provide attribute inheritance support for properly classifying and managing global and category-specific attributes.

Download this product sheet to learn more about the key components and features of Product Information Management (PIM) from Precisely.

EnterWorks - Product Information Management (PIM)