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Digital Asset Management (DAM)

If you need to manage your digital assets, then you need to manage your data

As consumers become more dependent on the visual experience, the volume and complexity of digital asset management grows. However, companies that rely on manual processes or siloed solutions to accomplish asset management struggle to keep up. The reality is: if you need to manage your digital assets, then you also need to manage your data.

Unstructured digital data must be managed and stored similar to other data domains.  Because an integrated approach to Digital Asset Management (DAM) is so crucial, organizations are increasingly turning to Product Master Data Management (MDM) to drive and deliver digital asset management objectives – and so much more.

In today’s digital marketplace, companies are pressed to shift from product providers to content curators and publishers.  Digital assets play a crucial role in this process, as consumers increasingly demand a rich buying experience and are more likely to choose a product they can experience visually.

EnterWorks MDM with Integrated DAM

EnterWorks allows companies to manage any unstructured content using built-in DAM technologies. EnterWorks DAM makes storing, categorizing and managing images, documents, templates, audio and video files, and other product related data easier than ever. Any data stored in EnterWorks can be manually or programmatically linked to a product, item, brand, or other criteria set by the customer. These linked relationships are also bi-directional, so users can quickly determine which products are associated with a specific document or file.

Teams can import metadata from images, configure custom metadata fields for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and automatically generate multiple image formats and resolution for print and online use.

By incorporating DAM functionality, EnterWorks provides the flexibility, configurability, and scalability that companies need to meet evolving business needs and a changing commerce world.

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Digital Asset Management (DAM)