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Data integration solutions helping you to connect today’s infrastructure with tomorrow’s technology to unlock the potential of all your enterprise data

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Data integration needs to fuel the applications driving your organization forward – advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), data lakes, and cloud. However, to get the maximum value of your data integration efforts means you need to include traditional enterprise systems such as mainframe and IBM i. Ignoring these systems means risking data blind spots and creating more disconnected silos. Excluding data sources from your integration efforts means erroneous decision-making, flawed machine learning models, missed opportunities, increased costs, regulatory penalties, security breaches, and more.

You need solutions that help you integrate data, regardless of its source, across platforms, with reliability and scalability. Data integration solutions should remove the pains and costs associated with finding the required skills to access traditional enterprise systems. Whether you’re working with application, log or machine data, Precisely data integration solutions help you create data integration frameworks that are cost-effective, highly-performant, and repeatable.

Precisely Data Integration

Log, machine data and event data integration

Mainframes and IBM i systems process massive volumes of critical and sensitive information every day. In the past, they operated in relative isolation, but today most are connected to a network or the Internet, making them vulnerable to cybersecurity threats and incidents.

Including these systems in your security analytics and security information and event management (SIEM) platforms is imperative to keeping your organization safe. You need a comprehensive 360o view of your entire IT infrastructure – particularly the systems that power some of your most mission-critical workloads.

Many organizations are using Splunk Enterprise for security analytics or Splunk Enterprise Security as their SIEM, but Splunk does not natively collect essential security and compliance data from mainframe or IBM i platforms. Precisely’s Ironstream for Splunk solution is used by companies around the world to overcome this challenge. Ironstream enables you to collect essential security and compliance data from the IBM mainframe and IBM i platforms and send this information to Splunk, so you have a centralized, single system of record. With this comprehensive view, you can drastically improve security processes and create an audit trail for reporting and compliance.

Learn about Ironstream for Splunk.

You can’t manage what you can’t see. If you have mainframes and IBM i systems, but they aren’t part of your IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) platform, you only have part of the picture. Since your IT operations span traditional IBM systems, distributed environments and cloud platforms, you need an end-to-end ITOA solution with equal breadth. You’ll never have the true visibility you need if you’re focusing on one technology silo at a time.

Ironstream helps turn your siloed mainframe and IBM i machine data into a 360-degree view of your IT infrastructure so you have the operational analytics and insights you need to keep your business services up and running.

Learn about Ironstream.

Your Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is designed to be the single system of record for your IT infrastructure. This view is critical for incident, problem and change management and serves as an important foundation for mapping your infrastructure to business services.

Of course, today’s IT environments are complex – spanning on-premises and cloud environments, physical and virtual instances – and changing all the time.

IT Discovery tools are essential to keeping your CMDB complete and up-to-date. They automate the process of identifying all the configurations items across the enterprise and mapping their dependencies in the CMDB.

An up-to-date CMDB is essential for IT Operations Management (ITOM), which ensures that all components across your IT infrastructure are available, efficient and fast, to support your business processes and services.

For organizations with mainframes and IBM i systems, the CMDB is incomplete without information from these systems – unfortunately, they are often overlooked. Ironstream enables you to rapidly configure and launch secure discovery of these important traditional IBM systems and their relationships, giving you a complete picture of your IT infrastructure to empower smarter IT decisions in support of your business.

Learn about Ironstream for ServiceNow.

Event management is an area within ITOM that presents IT departments with a significant challenge. The sheer number of systems, services and configuration items operating can unleash a torrent of events. Assailed by thousands of notifications, it becomes difficult to separate out those that are important, and determine how they relate to each other.

Identifying issues and correlating events manually just doesn’t work. It takes too long and the risk of error is high. In addition, IT resources spent on these repetitive tasks means time is taken away from activities that can add value to the business.

Companies like ServiceNow and Splunk are adding AIOps capabilities, powered by machine learning, to significantly reduce the noise and help IT teams identify real issues quickly. Many of your critical business services rely on mainframe or IBM i systems, so it’s important to include them in your IT event management solutions.

Ironstream monitors critical management messages on IBM mainframe and IBM i systems and applications and forwards the information to ServiceNow and Splunk, where events are deduplicated, normalized and correlated to identify and resolve problems for a faster mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Read the eBook: Leverage the Power of ServiceNow for Mainframe and IBM i.

Application data integration

Mainframe application data enhances all types of strategic projects, everything from advanced analytics to machine learning. With all the value that mainframe data holds, you know you cannot leave this data out of your broader data integration strategy. That said, accessing, integrating, or migrating mainframe data can be difficult or impossible, depending on your organization.

For most organizations, mainframe data integration success is highly dependent on specialized skills that understand legacy data. However, these skills are in short supply. Data integration solutions that can bring mainframe data into an intuitive interface that runs on any computing environment help set you up for success with the resources you already have.

Precisely offers high-performance solutions built on its Connect product to directly access, understand, and transform complex mainframe data. Connect ensures that mainframe data reaches your platform of choice for advanced analytics, fraud detection, machine learning, and more.

Learn more about the mainframe access and integration capabilities of Connect.

To get the most from your analytics platforms, you need to feed them real-time data from across your entire IT infrastructure at scale. However, complicated IT environments and disparate systems can prevent visibility and access to critical data – leaving you with data gaps.

Streaming data pipelines offer a practical way to move data to data lakes and analytics platforms. By streaming data, you are building data lakes that are always fresh and analytics platforms that drive business results with the most up-to-date insights.

Precisely helps you stream application data when and where you need it. With its Connect product, you can integrate all data across your organization from mainframes, relational and NoSQL databases, the cloud, data lakes, and more. Connect captures changes to data sources, including mainframe and IBM i, and sends them to streaming applications or data lakes. Additionally, Connect’s ETL capabilities help to feed data downstream to analytics platforms while performing transformations in-flight.

Learn more about how Connect builds streaming data pipelines.

Modernizing your data warehouse with a cloud data lake can help you free up data warehouse capacity, drive more significant insights through enterprise-wide analytics, and keep data readily available as long as needed. However, it can be challenging to find, access and move data and processing to cloud data lakes.

To get the highest return on your data warehouse modernization efforts, you need a flexible, lightweight solution to collect, blend, transform and distribute data across the enterprise.

Precisely offers data integration solutions that let you move exactly the data you want, when and where you need it most. Use Connect to efficiently create seamless workflows that automatically filter your data by tables, columns, or data types.

Download the Connect product sheet for more information.

Cloud migrations help organizations to gain a cost-efficient, high-performance, scalable computing environment. When executed well, your business can see the benefits of shared data insights combined with improved scalability and lower IT costs.

Cloud migrations can be complicated, having many moving parts, stakeholders, and strategies. Common challenges can arise, including interoperability of systems, data portability and integrity, and business disruption. Precisely’s data integration solutions can help to facilitate cloud migrations by making legacy data sources accessible to cloud environments and providing data lineage.

Connect gives your business the flexibility to deploy data integration when and where you need it. You can visually design data integration workflows once and deploy them anywhere without the need to redesign, rework, or recompile. Connect’s flexible architecture is suited for deployment on public, private, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud environments.

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Efficiently sharing data across the business is key to becoming a data-driven organization. However, integrating and sharing data is becoming more challenging as systems and data volumes grow. Additionally, the data replicated to your business systems must be both correct and reliable.

Database replication is critical for collecting and sharing data across a wide variety of systems. Database replication solutions can help mitigate data delivery and systems challenges by replicating data to business systems in real-time. Database replication ensures that your business has access to the latest trusted data.

Connect’s database replication capabilities help you streamline access to data across your organization. Connect builds real-time data pipelines that replicate data from its source to business applications or analytics solutions that live on other platforms.

Learn more about Connect data replication capabilities.

Unlock the power of data

Your organization has access to more data than ever before. This data is critical to serving your customers better, making better decisions, staying ahead of the competition, ensuring regulatory compliance, optimizing performance and keeping your company secure. But siloed data loses its value.

Whether its application, machine, log, or event data, Precisely data integration solutions enable you to realize the potential of all your enterprise data assets. Our integration software helps you unlock data from infrastructure investments you’ve made over the years. Precisely data integration helps you integrate data from mainframes, IBM i systems, and enterprise data warehouses – and connect it with the cloud, analytics, AI, ITOM, ITOA, and SIEM platforms driving your business into the future.