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Drive bigger insights and better decisions with business user access to your most valuable enterprise data in Snowflake.

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No data gaps – ever

A cloud-built data warehouse, such as Snowflake, helps you deliver insights to the business quickly and at a lower cost than traditional data warehouses. But, in making the move to cloud, many companies find that they’re missing highly valued data from systems that are traditionally on-premises, such as the mainframe and IBM i.

By pairing Snowflake with Precisely Connect, you can get full access to all your data – whether transaction data and other important insights from the mainframe, IBM i or other business systems. Use Connect to deliver complex data, like Db2, VSAM or IMS, to Snowflake. Never have gaps in your data again and know the data you rely on for business insights and analytics is accurate and up-to-date.

For confidence in your data, Connect provides full insight into your end-to-end data lineage for reporting and compliance, even as your data volume grows.

Your organization is using Snowflake for analytics and insights for better, quicker business decisions. But, if your company relies on on-premises mainframe or IBM i systems to process critical business transactions, those insights can be based on old data. Working with outdated information can cause your business to make incorrect decisions and lose opportunities – or even customers.

Connect helps ensure you’re working with the most current data in Snowflake with real-time change data capture. Connect captures changes to data from a variety of sources, including mainframe and IBM i, and replicates them to Snowflake in real-time. Leveraging Precisely’s deep expertise working with mainframe and IBM i data, Connect not only shares changes to made to data in Snowflake as they happen, but also makes that complex data immediately readable in Snowflake so you can put it to work for your analytics right away.

Watch this webinar to learn more about Connect’s real-time CDC capabilities with Snowflake.

Even with the growth of technologies such as Snowflake, mainframe and IBM i systems still play a key role within many businesses. Most enterprises continue to use these legacy systems for their most crucial business functions. For example, mainframes often hold critical information – from credit card transactions to internal reports. However, EBCDIC encoding, REDEFINEs, complex structures, packed decimals, and other complexities make raw mainframe data costly and time-consuming to integrate into other platforms.

Precisely is the industry expert with over 50 years of expertise in accessing and integrating complex legacy data and making it usable in the cloud. Precisely Connect uses high-performance data integration software to move legacy data to Snowflake to fuel analytics projects. Connect directly accesses, understands, and transforms complex VSAM files, COBOL Copybooks, IMS data, Db2 data, as well as mainframe fixed and sequential files.

Connect can ingest raw legacy data and transform it for use in Snowflake, all while linking to the original metadata and providing end-to-end data lineage. With Connect, you can design data integration workflows visually once and deploy them anywhere – on-premises or in the cloud – without the need for redesign, repeated work, or recompiling.

Make all your critical data available in Snowflake to accelerate analytics, fill data lakes and modernize your data warehouse while reducing costs. For example, Connect enables you to build links between hierarchical mainframe data sets and relational Snowflake tables. High performance loads are performed to Snowflake tables on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

To learn more about Connect and Snowflake, download the product sheet.

Impact your business, not your systems. Connect’s ETL and change data capture capabilities are highly efficient and have a small footprint, yet they help to support the management, security and governance of modern data architectures. Load large volumes of critical enterprise data into Snowflake with Connect without any loss of performance.

Connect offers your business the flexibility to integrate data, when and where you need it. Its flexible architecture is suited for deployment in public, private, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Connect also supports multiple topologies for data replication, ensuring you can share data changes to Snowflake that best fit your business.

To learn more about Connect, download the product sheet.

Maximize your legacy data

Get all your data directly into Snowflake easily, reducing costs and making actionable data available to your business users when and where they need it. As your business shifts to cloud-based storage and analytics platforms from on-premises data warehouses, you need to easily make legacy data available directly in Snowflake. Precisely’s data integration solutions let you include all relevant enterprise data in Snowflake for more comprehensive analytics. Your business benefits from a higher level of confidence in business insights and strategic decision-making by making full use of your legacy data in Snowflake.

To learn more about Connect, download the product sheet.

Using Snowflake and Precisely together, you can get the best outcome for your business. Precisely offers an innovative approach and over 50 years of complex legacy data experience. That means Connect can provide direct access and understanding of VSAM files, COBOL Copybooks, IMS databases, mainframe fixed and sequential files, and Db2 data. Connect’s design once, deploy anywhere approach gives you the flexibility to grow your data integrations as you grow your Snowflake investment. Quickly and easily integrate all enterprise data into Snowflake for a variety of use-cases such as analytics, data lakes, and secure data sharing. Never miss a data beat; share changes to source systems on Snowflake as soon as they happen.

Learn more about Connect and Snowflake, download the product sheet.