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Microsoft Azure

Easily integrate today’s on-premises systems with Microsoft Azure to unlock the value of all your enterprise data for analytics in Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics

Build stronger links in the cloud

Moving mainframe and IBM i data to cloud data warehouses helps enhance downstream analytics, business insights, and strategic initiatives such as machine learning. With over 50 years of legacy data experience, Precisely is the industry expert in accessing and integrating mainframe and IBM i data for use in the cloud. Precisely’s Connect data integration software is an all-in-one high-performance solution that directly accesses, understands, and transforms complex VSAM files, COBOL Copybooks, IMS data, mainframe fixed and sequential files, and Db2 data.

Make all your critical transactional data available across Microsoft Azure services for analytics, cloud storage or to feed a real-time data pipeline. Connect enables you to build links between:

  • Cloud data warehouses: Azure Synapse Analytics and Snowflake on Azure
  • Compute clusters: Azure Databricks, Azure HDInsight and Hadoop on Azure
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Object storage: BLOB, ADLS Gen1 and ADLS Gen2
  • Distributed messaging systems: Kafka on Azure

Microsoft Azure helps your business to become more efficient while saving you the costs associated with on-premises deployments. But, when moving to Microsoft Azure, you can hit complications due to many moving parts, stakeholders, and strategies. Common challenges include the interoperability of systems, data portability and business disruption.

Connect helps ensure that your move to Microsoft Azure impacts your business, not your systems. Connect is highly efficient software with a small footprint, yet delivers the comprehensive features required to manage, secure, and govern modern data architectures. Additionally, you can keep your data in sync within Microsoft Azure services without overloading networks, affecting source database performance or specialized skills.

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Microsoft Azure provides your business with a critical platform for offloading and processing data for a range of enterprise projects. The success of your Microsoft Azure investment is wholly dependent on ensuring the data shared is fresh and comes from across your systems including mainframe and IBM i. The question then becomes how do you ensure data changes from these legacy systems is communicated in an efficient and timely manner?

Have confidence that the data you bring to the business is always accurate and up-to-date. Connect provides assured delivery of your critical mainframe and IBM i workloads, like complex VSAM or Db2 data, with automatic recovery within change data capture workflows. There is no need for manual intervention or resynchronization. Connect also provides full insight into your end-to-end data lineage for reporting and compliance, even as your data volumes and data pipelines grow.

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Your business has made long-standing investments in legacy data sources such as mainframe and IBM i. As a result, you have a reliable data platform that holds critical data for your business. At the same time, you want to move data into the cloud for the latest analytics, data science and machine learning applications. The challenge then becomes creating a secure and reliable way to integrate legacy data into your cloud data platform for analytics and AI.

Use Connect to unlock mainframe and IBM i data for advanced analytics and artificial intelligence with Azure Databricks. Use Connect to run petabyte-scale ETL pipelines using the elastic scalability of the Databricks ecosystem.

Read how Connect and Databricks are unlocking data in legacy stores for analytics, AI, and machine learning.

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Access and optimize key data sources

Transitioning data from mainframe and IBM i to the cloud requires a pragmatic approach. By moving data to Microsoft Azure, you not only modernize your infrastructure with flexibility and security, but also increase the value of your transactional data and lower costs. It’s essential that you can easily access and optimize key data sources during this transition in order to deliver even more insights back to the business without causing disruption.

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As a Microsoft Azure partner, Precisely and Microsoft enable companies to take advantage of the benefits of moving some or all mainframe workloads, applications, and databases to the cloud, while still supporting existing investments.

To learn more about Precisely and Microsoft, download the product sheet.

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