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Precisely on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Build data trust and reveal new insights by integrating data from complex on-premises systems into AWS, and leverage addresses to organize and enrich your data for cloud-based analytics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI).

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Power up AWS with trusted data

Data, analytics, and AI platforms in AWS accelerate innovation – but only when they are fueled with data you can trust. Precisely helps you build trust in your AWS data so you can derive the insights your business users need.

With real-time update streaming, Precisely Connect makes all your IBM Z and IBM i data available to AWS services, ensuring that you base your analysis on only the most current data. Connect is an all-in-one, high-performance solution that replicates data from these critical systems to AWS, helping you modernize your data infrastructure, break down data silos, and realize actionable business insights.

Many companies also struggle to unlock the value of the data they use for analytics. Location, such as an address or mobile phone location, provides a consistent and common thread that brings together disparate data. Precisely’s location intelligence capabilities run natively in many AWS cloud-native platforms and provide a straightforward approach to organizing, managing, and analyzing your data.

Because IBM Z (mainframe) and IBM i (AS/400) workloads are typically large, they require constant updating to sync on-premises data with the cloud. What’s more, extracting, moving, and copying data from legacy sources to AWS data and AI services can be difficult – presenting resource, personnel, and investment challenges.

Precisely Connect is a single, flexible, high performance solution that provides both ETL and CDC capabilities. For ETL needs, Precisely Connect extracts, loads and transforms batch legacy data workloads for use by AWS services. It breaks down data silos by directly accessing, understanding, and transforming disparate data files. These include complex VSAM files, COBOL Copybooks, IMS data, mainframe fixed and sequential files, and Db2 data.

Precisely Connect also delivers the high-performance ingest and change data capture (CDC) services needed to integrate legacy data effectively and accurately into the AWS cloud. It provides real-time change streaming from popular data storage platforms and software including S3, PostgreSQL, and OpenShift.

With Connect, you’ll be able to stream updates in real time from complex on-premises systems, such as mainframes and IBM i, directly to AWS.

Bringing disparate datasets together on AWS enables you to manage and govern your data and drive business initiatives from a single source of truth in the cloud. But the rate at which new data is being generated – from rich media sources, the IoT, and daily communication channels makes it hard to access and leverage trusted information for business insight and decision-making.

Precisely can help you build trust that your data has maximum accuracy, consistency, and context by leveraging address data in your AWS environment. Attaching a unique and persistent location identifier, the PreciselyID, or a geohash to an address can connect it to other property or location data for a composite view of the address. Using the PreciselyID or geohash, you can also quickly enrich addresses with Precisely’s expertly curated datasets, such as risk, property, and point of interest data, to add meaningful context to your analytics, AI, and ML outcomes.

Leveraging location intelligence in AWS computing, you can deliver complex spatial processing – such as drivetime or travel distance – without disrupting your mission-critical business processes. And, you can rapidly reveal relationships between addresses, geographic features, nearby services, and market variables to quantify inherent risks and market potential. Common examples include financial institutions that pre-score property value based on nearby services and demographics, or a telco analyzing current network coverage and customers to target growth opportunities.

Using geospatial data, you can harmonize and analyze a wide variety of data to drive business insight. With Precisely’s Geocoding, Location Intelligence, and Routing Spatial SDKs running in AWS data and AI services, you can give your business data the location advantage while leveraging the performance outcomes realized in AWS. Reveal insights by connecting disparate datasets using the PreciselyID. Together, these capabilities help organize, manage, and analyze business data in ways that yield actionable insights, grow your business, protect it from risk, and create a competitive advantage.

Get even more from your data with Precisely enrichment capabilities. These include over 9,000 attributes covering risk, property attributes, consumer behavior, points of interest, and more.

Precisely’s data enrichment products enable you to combine our curated datasets with your customer data including text, semi-structured, and unstructured data from service tickets, user reviews, and social media posts to more traditional sources like ERP transactional data.

Data enrichment solutions from Precisely can help you organize, enrich, report, and predict outcomes with trusted data. You can gain deeper insights into customer preferences and behaviors to make more informed decisions, optimize business processes, fuel product innovation, and personalize marketing messages for greater success.

Precisely on AWS

The demand for data that is accurate, enhanced, and easily accessible is surging, especially as organizations embrace cloud-based ML and AI. Precisely solutions for high-performance data integration, robust data quality, location information, and data enrichment deliver proven value. With over 12,000 global customers, Precisely is an acknowledged industry expert in the fields of legacy data integration, data quality, data governance, and location intelligence.

Precisely on AWS delivers the flexibility and agility you need to align real-time data delivery with business demands. Working together, Precisely and AWS support a variety of data driven-use cases that help companies extract the most value from their data. Click links below to learn more.

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