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Protect IBM AIX servers from downtime and lost data with easy, automated solutions for high availability and disaster recovery

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Ensure availability of AIX Applications

Downtime hurts. For your business, any outage, planned or unplanned, interrupts business operations, disrupts delivery of goods and services, and damages relationships with partners and customers.

Assure MIMIX for AIX is a real-time, automated high availability solution for IBM AIX servers that can help eliminate downtime and enable data to be recovered from any point in time. It guards your business against unplanned and planned outages and lost data.

It works by paring efficient, real-time replication to a recovery server with continuous monitoring of cluster and application resources.

If an outage is detected, applications are failed over to the recovery server – releasing storage resources, managing IP addresses, reestablishing replication, mounting file systems, and switching your application.

Protect AIX data from disaster

System availability is about more than keeping operations running after major disasters, planned or unplanned outages.

“Micro” disasters, such as database corruption or data loss due to human error, can cost your business just as dearly. Which means affordable, manageable real-time disaster recovery protection for AIX applications and data is essential.

Assure MIMIX DR for AIX uses real-time replication and true continuous data protection (CDP) technology to deliver near-instantaneous data recovery from any point in time and enables production server rollback to recover from rolling disasters.

It supports the recovery needs of any AIX environment, with efficient replication across any distance, between mixed storage and operating system versions, and between physical, virtual and cloud platforms.

Customer Story – With Assure MIMIX DR for AIX, Conner Strong & Buckelew’s Data is Available for Easy Recovery

“A huge benefit is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our data is being replicated in real-time and we can easily bring it back very quickly if necessary.”

Joseph Rukas, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Conner Strong & Buckelew

Extend and enhance IBM Power HA

IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX is trusted by organizations around the world to provide high availability for their AIX application server.

Assure MIMIX DR for AIX integrates with IBM PowerHA for AIX to add point-in-time data recovery and offsite protection against regional or site outages to their PowerHA solution.

It works by efficiently and securely replicating AIX data and applications to a local or remote recovery server in real time. The recovery server may be physical, virtual or in the cloud with any storage or AIX version.

It also provides an always current, read/write-ready copy of your AIX data, and is ready for data recovery or failover whenever needed. True Continuous Data Protection enables data to be recovered from any point in time at the push of a button.

Customer Story – Assure MIMIX DR for AIX is Essential to DKSH Holdings’ Business Continuity

“How do we value our data? It is essential to our survival. If the systems go down at our primary productions site, all business units globally would not be able to perform transactions and the business stops. At DKSH, having a top quality disaster recovery capability is not negotiable.”

Mr. MK Lee, CSSC Technical & Operations Manager, DKSH Holdings

Eliminate migration risk and downtime

Migrations play an important role in keeping your AIX servers up to date, efficient and productive, whether you need to refresh AIX hardware, reorganize storage, consolidate your data center or adopt a new cloud service.

The Migrate While Active service from Precisely’s Global Services team combine the powerful replication technology in Assure MIMIX for AIX with expert professional services to eliminate risk and downtime in migration.

The flexible, efficient, real-time replication in Assure MIMIX for AIX migrates data without impacting business operations and enables non-disruptive cutover testing, with the final cutover requiring only minutes of downtime.

Platform-independent technology supports migration between physical, virtual and cloud servers with mixed storage, hardware or operating system versions. Precisely Global Services experts guide the entire process and assure a successful outcome.



Minimize downtime
Protect your business from the high cost of downtime through continuous server monitoring and automated failover
Point-in-time recovery
Recover data from past points-in-time or roll your server back to a past point with push-button simplicity
Enhance Power HA
Assure MIMIX DR for AIX extends and enhances IBM PowerHA for AIX with offsite protection and point-in-time data recovery
Achieve compliance
Help your organization meet compliance requirements and service level agreements for data protection and availability

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