Solution Sheet

Assure MIMIX DR for AIX

Reliable, affordable disaster recovery for critical AIX data and applications with Assure MIMIX DR for AIX

Assure MIMIX DR for AIX provides reliable, affordable disaster recovery for your applications and data. Real-time replication, coupled with true continuous data protection (CDP) technology, delivers near-instantaneous recovery of data from any point in time at the push of a button, allowing you to meet strict compliance requirements and a wide range of service level agreements (SLAs) related to data loss.

Disaster Recovery You Can Count On

  • Provides affordable DR protection for mission-critical AIX applications and data
  • Removes the exposure to data loss of conventional backup and restore technologies
  • Replicates between any combination of hardware, storage and OS version on physical, virtual and cloud platforms
  • Supports non-disruptive recovery-readiness testing with virtual role swaps
  • Easily integrates with IBM® PowerHA® SystemMirror® for AIX

Flexible Recovery from Any Point in Time

  • Delivers near-instantaneous recovery of data and applications with push-button simplicity
  • RightTimeTM CDP enables point-in-time recovery to:
    – Restore lost or corrupted data
    – Recover from rolling disasters
    – Rollback on your production server, recovery server or a snapshot

Advanced Replication Technology

  • Reliably replicates changed data in real time, locally or remotely
  • Optionally compresses or encrypts replicated data
  • Ensures data integrity by maintaining write-order consistency
  • Automatically resynchronizes production and recovery servers after lost connectivity
  • Supports 1-to-1, many-to-1, or 2-node broadcast replication configurations
  • Enables backups, queries, reports, testing, and more on the recovery system

Simple Disaster Recovery Management

  • Color-coded, mobile-friendly dashboard summarizes status at a glance
  • Easy, browser-based configuration and monitoring
  • Email and SNMP notifications enable unattended monitoring
  • Automated procedures save time, eliminate errors, and enforce best practice

How It Works

Assure MIMIX DR for AIX provides continuous asynchronous replication of changes to applications and data to a recovery server. Enforced write-order consistency ensures that transactions are applied on the recovery server in the same order as they were on the production server. The production and recovery servers can run on any combination of IBM Power Systems servers, storage types, and operating system versions, whether in physical, virtual, or cloud environments. Options to compress or encrypt replicated data allow you to minimize bandwidth utilization and maximize security.