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Customer Story

IMA Financial Group, Inc.

Should disaster strike, IMA Financial Group relys on Assure MIMIX DR for AIX to protect its applications and data

Information is essential to the IMA Financial Group business. Losing access to any of its critical data or to its core business applications for an extended period would be unacceptable. The company needs a disaster recovery (DR) solution that protects its applications and all of its data, and allows for rapid recovery
should a disaster strike.

For many people, the mention of Kansas brings back childhood memories of a famous line spoken by Dorothy in the film The Wizard of Oz after a tornado blew her and her dog, Toto, to Oz. “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore,” said Dorothy.

It’s not surprising that The Wizard of Oz was set in Kansas. That state, which is also the location of IMA Financial Group’s primary data center, is right in the middle of tornado alley. Protecting data and applications from the threat of lengthy downtime due to a tornado or any other disaster is, therefore, an important objective for IMA.

With that in mind, IMA began a major push to adopt a more robust and complete DR solution for its primary business application, the Sagitta agency management system, from Vertafore, and the data underlying it.

The challenge was to find an affordable DR solution that would backup all of the company’s data, including data added or updated after the last nightly backup tape was created, and allow for easy and rapid recovery of the Sagitta application and its data.

IMA Financial Group chose Assure MIMIX DR for AIX, to handle their DR needs. Assure MIMIX DR for AIX couples real-time replication with true continuous data protection (CDP) technology. The software transparently captures changes made to a production server and copies them in near real-time to a backup server to protect all of an organization’s data. In addition, it allows nearly instantaneous recovery of data from any point in time at the push of a button.