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A complete, desktop mapping solution for the geographic information system (GIS) analyst to visualize, analyze, edit, interpret, and output data — revealing relationships, patterns, and trends

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Confidently explore, model, and act

Location data adds both insight and complexity to corporate decision making. Mistakes are too expensive for a trial-and-error approach to mapping. If you’ve opened a new shopping mall, you can’t relocate it once you realize your location intelligence was bad and you’re not drawing the crowds you need.

MapInfo Pro GIS software employs geospatial analytics and location intelligence to help you create insightful models of location-centric scenarios. Use these models to simulate different outcomes — then act with confidence.

Use MapInfo Pro to:

Better understand a location by gathering information about its key features and how they interact. Visualize data through map symbols, themes, and labels. You can even overlay multiple datasets on a single map to distinguish patterns that would not otherwise be visible.

Integrate your corporate data with maps and demographics. Combine this information with our powerful spatial querying and modeling tools. Run different scenarios for an accurate, up-to-date representation of a location’s possibilities.

Build models that are easily understood by non-technologists. Enable corporate decision makers to fully understand the attributes and drawbacks of each site, in each scenario. Help them take the type of action that propels business.

Explore MapInfo Pro free for 30 days.

MapInfo Pro
Time series analysis of granite quarry extraction

“With the network changing and developing rapidly, upto-date network information is vital to guarantee quality
and stability to our existing customers and prospects.”

Arian de Korte, Operations Director, Eurofiber Group

Extract information from raster data

Creating optimum insights from large spatial files can be a significant challenge. Use our patented Multi-Resolution Raster (MRR) data format for powerful spatial processing and map rendering. Identify, quantify, and visualize spatial patterns in raster datasets of practically unlimited size. Or use our Multi-Resolution Virtual Raster (MVR) to virtually merge, reproject, and resample raster grid data on-the-fly, without writing out new grid files to disk.

Mapinfo Pro
Weather analysis in MapInfo Pro using time series and hexagon theme
Customize MapInfo Pro to meet your needs

MapInfo Pro users can access custom features and functionality via the MapInfo Marketplace, a collaborative space where users can download and share plugins for the software.

These plugins include:

MapInfo Pro Drone: Commission project-specific data from a global network of more than 10,000 certified drone operators.

Python Console: Increase productivity by building, running, and reusing customized applications. MapInfo Pro offers robust support for MapBasic and Python scripting languages.

Geocode: Take advantage of best-in-class geocoding from directly within the MapInfo Pro interface.

MapInfo Pro Viewer: Drive collaboration within your enterprise with the free MapInfo Pro Viewer. It allows line of business users to open any MapInfo workspace. Open tables in read-only mode and perform basic map operations such as pan, zoom, or reordering layers.

“The combination of all the GIS data and capabilities allowed us to create a virtual world that we could walk around in – visualizing where our officers were going to be stationed and where our partners needed to be. It allowed us to have a complete model of the operation before it had even begun.”

Robert Goldsmith, GIS and Mapping Manager, Devon and Cornwall Police

The GIS you trust — now a subscription service

Maintain your GIS edge with a MapInfo Pro subscription. You’ll enjoy a reduced price while automatically receiving:

  • 1-3 year subscription options
  • Expanded support for web-based data services, including Bing imagery
  • Access to the latest MapInfo Pro software updates and upgrades
  • Expert support via phone, chat, and email

Explore MapInfo Pro free for 30 days.


Complete solution
An all-in-one solution that manages, analyzes, and visualizes data for mapping and map publishing
Custom applications
Solve your specific business needs with customized applications available in the MapInfo Marketplace
Scalable analytics
MapInfo Pro supports teams of all sizes, delivering tools for use across the entire organization
User-centric collaboration
Professional peer communities provide ideas, tips, and tricks

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