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Customer Story

Eurofiber Optimizes Their Network with a Speer IT Solution, Powered by MapInfo Pro

As the Eurofiber Group network grows, managing, maintaining, and designing the fiber-optic network becomes more complex. Daily modifications such as connecting new customers, construction, planned work, outages, and network capacityimpact the fiber-optic network. It’s important that these network changes not affect existing customers. Plus, all amendments of the network have to be processed correctly. To minimize the impact of these changes, Eurofiber must ensure that all network data is accurate, up-to-date, and easy accessible.

Historically, the Eurofiber Group had used a combination of Microsoft Excel, AutoCAD and MapInfo Pro to register its network. As daily changes to the network occurred, the process became time consuming and did not keep up with the internal and external changes that were being made to its network. While being time consuming, the registration of the network lacked data accuracy, which negatively impacted costs and led to a poor customer experience. There was a need for a single solution in which all departments could benefit from one single view of the network.

While searching for a fiber-optic network registration system, Eurofiber contacted Speer IT, a Precisely partner. Speer IT’s solution Cocon, based on MapInfo Pro technology, was fit for purpose as it is specially designed for optic fiber.

With a single click, Eurofiber has a detailed, coherent overview of its network in which all physical and non-physical components are logically interconnected. Cocon can show the current and future situation of the network and supports the whole process from planning to documentation.

Cocon utilises 60% of the internal functions of the powerful engine of MapInfo Pro as its backbone allowing it to perform accurately and at speed.

An additional advantage is the automation of repetitive procedures. With one click, Eurofiber can do standard actions that used to take many clicks. “Can you imagine, we have to go through 6,000 design changes to the network every year. By automating the designing process in Cocon, we are saving up to 1.5 hours per design. This is not only showing cost savings, but it is also standardizing the process. With a process in place for designing, we have optimized the way in which we design. There is one standard which is consistent and coherent,” Arian de Korte added.

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