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Customer Story

BT Group Puts Location-Based Technology from Precisely to Work Across the Enterprise

Meeting global networking needs, BT Group plc (formerly British Telecommunications plc, abbreviated to British Telecom) is one of Europe’s leading providers of telecommunications services. In the UK, BT serves customers ranging from individual consumers with a single phone line to government departments and some of the world’s largest multinationals. Services include higher-value broadband and Internet products and services and IT solutions.

BT’s global IP network provides a wide range of connectivity options for voice, video, data and converged communication services.

A key component of the company’s success has been the integration of location intelligence across all facets of its business, starting with management of its extensive networks. With 17,000 field-based engineers servicing approximately 6.1 million customers each year, BT Group needed a unified, efficient system for deploying employees, supplies and other resources across network sites. As paper-based maps and diagrams proved inefficient, engineers needed a better way to respond to customer needs.

The company turned to Precisely MapXtreme and MapInfo Pro solutions to visually display and analyze location-based data to make more informed decisions about customer service. In addition, the Precisely location intelligence tools integrate easily with BT’s existing systems, which are primarily built on an Oracle-based platform.

The Precisely location intelligence solutions enable BT engineers to locate a property, view road networks and plant details, and then identify the location of underground ducts and individual cables within each site. Additionally, engineers are able to see the exact location of the customer in relation to the network, and can also search by a customer’s address and postcode to plot the shortest route for site visits, resulting in time and labor savings.

The solutions are quickly accessible to field engineers at all times, allowing employees to easily locate BT plant equipment and customers, and submit work requirements or requests from any given site. Location intelligence also helps engineers more easily identify network outages, allowing for faster response times and a more timely resolution of the outage. With the location intelligence solution, BT has streamlined operations and increased efficiency, resulting in cost savings and improved customer service.