Solution Sheet

MapInfo Pro Drone

Leverage over 10,000 certified, professional drone pilots across the globe and gain access to custom imagery specific to your business needs with MapInfo Pro Drone.

Through a partnership Icaros, a leader in the drone services industry, Precisely can help organizations discover new and improved ways to efficiently inspect and analyze real estate, job sites, cell phone towers, power lines, oil and gas pipelines, farms, as well as other structures.

MapInfo Pro Drone is a simple, safe, and professional end-to end drone data collection and mapping solution. Through a simple user interface built into MapInfo Pro, drone flights can be deployed almost anywhere in the world to collect high-resolution imagery, LiDAR, and video. Imagery can be collected in RGB, thermal, Infrared (IR), and multispectral, enabling a myriad of maps and digital terrain products to be produced. With improved, geospatial accuracy, sites and structures can be compared over time for maintenance issues, inspection of anomalies, remediation effectiveness, and for government compliance.

Drone imagery on demand
Simply complete a project request and click on the “order project” button and our product does everything else. There’s no need for in-house experts. You don’t need to buy drones, sensors or expensive image processing software, no matter how simple or complex the job.

Access industry leading specialists
MapInfo Pro Drone comes with access to a network of over 10,000 certified, professional drone pilots across the globe who are ready to acquire imagery and terrain data. Image processing is performed in the cloud and quality assured by geospatial experts.

Time series data acquisitions
Fly over flight drone data is an empowering storytelling tool enabling users to focus on critical areas of interest and track changes over time. Highly accurate orthomosaic maps can be produced to enable precise analysis and measurements.

Easy access to custom imagery
MapInfo Pro Drone makes it easy to deploy drones to almost any location in the world and obtain low-cost high resolution geospatially accurate imagery, video, LiDAR, and maps.

MapInfo Pro Drone