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Personalized communications to strengthen customer engagement

Research conducted with the CMO Council reports that SMS and email are two of the top four critical channels of choice for consumers. In this mobile-first world, you need a multi-screen solution.

EngageOne Communicate enables businesses to create personalized, responsive email and SMS communications quickly and easily across channels and devices, all within a single browser-based interface.

Easy to design for the business professional

EngageOne Communicate provides a wide range of templates that are fully customizable to personalize content by modifying layouts, colors and styles. No coding skills are required with the easy-to-use drag & drop design interface.

Or, create and import your own templates to extend your brand even further. EngageOne Communicate seamlessly integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud, allowing creative teams to take full advantage of their existing assets. Designers and developers can leverage their expertise with Adobe Photoshop using a purpose-built plug-in. They’ll have immediate, intuitive access to export assets directly to the EngageOne Communicate platform.

You can preview communications in a responsive layout to see how they will look to end-users on any device.

Drag and drop designer
Designing personalized, data-driven communications is simple with EngageOne Communicate. Simply drag in your design elements, and select the data fields you want to customize.
Personalize and improve every touchpoint

With instantaneous access to backend database systems, EngageOne Communicate allows users to easily bring in data from a variety of sources – even your own CRM systems. Conditional logic capabilities recognize recipients by language, location, and other variables to dynamically change and hyper personalize communications to an individual.

With advanced features like auto open, data-driven charts, and the ability to integrate Interactive Personalized Video, you can transform every communication into a highly relevant, seamless experience.

Robust data analysis

Understand in real-time how recipients are responding and engaging with your communications using EngageOne Communicate’s simple dashboards. User level reporting around individual interactions allows you to continually monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs) and campaign success.

See at a glance which communications are performing well and which can be further optimized. Target your customers based on their actions and continually fine-tune your campaigns for maximum engagement.


Design and preview communications on mobile, tablet and desktop
Fully customizable
Choose ready-to-use templates or create and import new ones
Data-driven personalization
Easily incorporate data assets to customize every customer touchpoint
Advanced analytics
Track, measure and analyze every metric of importance

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