Solution Sheet

Spectrum OnDemand

Data quality and enrichment as a service

Gain more insight into the things that matter

Understand risks, increase visibility and expedite response.  The most advanced data quality services are now available via reliable, scalable cloud computing. Spectrum OnDemand offers a more agile way to improve, manage and enrich your data.

Connect Spectrum OnDemand services to existing applications easily using the provided API framework.  Combine capabilities as needed to efficiently solve your business challenges. Easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to manage, these on-demand services combine outstanding flexibility with the power of high-volume processing. Processes can incorporate data obtained from Precisely or other third-parties along with your own data.

Keep pace with rapidly changing business requirements

Ready when you are

Spectrum OnDemand delivers enterprise-grade services without adding costly infrastructure. There’s no downtime
associated with updates, and no maintenance required.  Active-active redundancy and instantaneous re-routing
keeps services up and running 24/7.

The services you require

Combine our services with other spatial or territory data. Integrate them using web services, SFTP Batch, AWS S3 or connectors for business applications like Excel®, NetSuite®, SAP®. From light-weight customization to fully customized solutions, we step up to your needs. White-glove service supplies a dedicated account manager and 24×7 mission- critical support.

Security you can trust

Spectrum has been supplying high quality, SaaS solutions for more than a decade. Your data is yours. We only use it to provide and support the service you subscribed to. Intrusion detection and prevention software ensures only authorized software and data traffic happens. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Power up your data

  • Data quality
  • Location enrichment
  • Address enrichment
  • Business enrichment
  • Consumer enrichment

Market, manage and mitigate better

Spectrum OnDemand gives you the power to know your customers, inform your actions and understand your risks. Choose from 130+ web API services. Or, contact us if you need a custom solution.

Download this solution sheet to learn more.

Spectrum OnDemand: Data quality and enrichment as a service.