SAP Process Automation

You rely on SAP ERP to run your business. Unfortunately, SAP data creation and management processes are frequently some of your most complex and time-consuming. Spreadsheet-based data management, manual data entry and email routing are often at the root of slow, error-prone, and ungoverned processes for your SAP data, and these practices increase business risk and can put you at a competitive disadvantage.

The Precisely Automate platforms deliver a combination of desktop and process automation capabilities that help you streamline and automate processes across your SAP landscape, helping you go faster, be more agile, improve initial data quality, and enabling your business teams to make an impact at scale.


SAP Master Data Management

SAP master data processes for materials, customer, vendor, and finance are often complicated, time consuming and involve multiple people and departments. Compounding these challenges are slow, error-prone manual data entry and routing.

Automating SAP master data processes can drive improvements throughout your business by eliminating manual data entry, increasing the speed of SAP processes, improving governance, and delivering better data quality and integrity throughout your SAP master data.

If you find that even a simple material update in SAP can take hours and cost more than it should, we can help. And if you struggle to get products to market due to complex, interdependent sub-processes that link multiple departments, plants, materials, vendors and customers, our Automate platforms have an answer for that too.

SAP Finance Automation

For many SAP finance organizations, the challenge is finding a finance automation platform that can deliver fast, efficient results across multiple use cases.

You want a platform that improves data quality, governance, and compliance, while eliminating slow, manual processes – from record to report, accounts payable & receivable, financial shared services, and everything in between.

If you’re ready to drive better, faster, and more efficient digital transformation throughout SAP finance, we’re here to help you conquer your biggest challenges.

Seamless capabilities across the employee life cycle

Hire to retire milestones, mergers and acquisitions, various Human Capital Management (HCM) objects, and more – HR teams have a lot on their plate, and these tasks add up to a great deal of manual work, particularly when they involve making updates en masse, on tight deadlines.

Whether low priority or mission-critical, automating SAP HR processes makes it easier to manage data accurately across the employee life cycle.

Simplifying automation even further, Precisely Automate Studio enables HR staff to work within the familiar Excel interface to manage SAP data. With Excel-based automation, you’ll be able to:

  • Quickly and efficiently manage milestones within the employee life cycle
  • Automate data creation and updates for HCM objects
  • Easily manage employee learning and associated enrollment, attendance tracking, and reporting activities
  • Multiply speed and efficiency for merger and acquisition tasks
  • Reduce the manual challenges of multiple personnel changes

With all these day-to-day changes, higher-level transformation takes place as well – improved data quality, more meaningful reports, stronger compliance, and reduced reliance on IT are just a few of those outcomes.

Explore our Automate platforms to begin freeing up time for more value-added and strategic initiatives.

Save time, and money

Manual SAP data processes for sales and operations teams often means more errors, risks of time and money lost, and declining customer trust and satisfaction.

Often, too many hours are spent firefighting SAP data issues, rather than delivering goods and services – and that isn’t smart or sustainable for business.

A solution that automates those manual processes opens new opportunities throughout the entire process – from order entry to final payment:

  • Customer orders: automate SAP order entry and streamline data collection needed for order fulfillment – saving time and increasing accuracy
  • SAP order fulfillment: get more powerful insights into your inventory master data
  • SAP delivery: avoid burdensome reworks or reshipments by getting customer master data right the first time
  • SAP invoicing: reduce manual keying and order errors by loading pricing in at the master data level all at once
  • SAP order-to-cash: collect money on time with improved order-to-cash (O2C) data accuracy

Empower your teams to get on the road to more successful order processing and delivery, and even more satisfied customers.

Achieve more, with less

Poor SAP master data is often the root cause of supply chain management issues and inefficiencies – not to mention, costly errors.

If you’re in need of a production process clean-up, it’s time to explore automating your SAP ERP supply chain data management operations.

Here’s what that means for core supply chain processes:

  • Vendor master data: create web-based forms and workflows for SAP vendor master data processes, enabling business analysts to easily collect and validate vendor data
  • Material master data: streamline and automate your material creation and update process and eliminate costly rework, starting with validating data at the SAP field level
  • New product introduction: meet all your deadlines with fast, predictable, automated product data processes
  • Procurement data management: optimize and automate data creation and maintenance tasks to make sure you’re relying on the highest-quality logistics and fulfillment information
  • Invoicing: download vendor invoice data directly from Excel to SAP to quickly create ad-hoc reports

Automating SAP ERP supply chain data management processes reduces manual work and eliminates operational issues.

For the supply chain team, that leads to greater productivity and the ability to make continuous improvements, reduce cycle times, and stay ahead of market demand.

Gaining momentum with plant maintenance processes

Your SAP system is only as powerful as the data that fuels it. And when you’re relying on that data to make critical business decisions, you need it to be high-quality.

  • SAP PM master data: improve master data quality and streamline the creation and maintenance of all SAP PM master data
  • SAP work orders and notifications: enable staff without technical programming skills to easily create automation web forms or Excel workbooks that capture complete, standardized field data and reduce errors
  • SAP PM operational reporting: quickly extract data from SAP to create the operational reports planners and managers need to improve operational efficiency and make better decisions – swiftly, and without SQVI or other technical programming skills

Give your team the automation tools they need to get SAP PM data right, and keep it right. Then, watch the results unfold: better preventive plans and efficiently managed corrective and breakdown work – all leading to reduced downtime, risk, and costs.

New possibilities in SAP procurement

Manual SAP procurement processes can involve a lot of data entry, vendor and materials management, and paper-chasing – wearisome tasks that require countless hours that would be better spent elsewhere.

Re-think your SAP purchasing processes, and consider how an investment in automation can open the business up to new possibilities:

  • Create Purchase Requisitions quickly using a standard Excel-based template that makes it easy to create PRs and capture critical information. You can also automate and aggregate recurring monthly requests
  • Create purchase orders: Automation can reduce time by speeding up the PO authorization and creation process in SAP
  • Match invoices with POs: Process invoices quicker to meet and improve your payment terms for additional vendor discounts
  • Enter incoming invoices and payments: Automate data loading into SAP faster and more accurately
  • Create new vendors: Automation can help you enter new vendors faster, and start ordering from them sooner

Automating your SAP procurement processes provides greater visibility, flexibility and governance – giving you more time to focus on analysis, efficiency and overall management.

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