EngageOne™ Enrichment

Control active print streams to easily enhance and modify print-ready files in real time, without disrupting operations

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Efficient paper and digital production

EngageOne™ Enrichment is the print-stream engineering and output management solution that simplifies advanced distribution strategies, both for hard-copy printing and digital documents. With the ability to instantly control your active print streams, EngageOne™ Enrichment makes it easy to change, update, and enhance your documents. It allows you to quickly respond to new opportunities and changes in business requirements without delaying production.

Your customers want the information that’s important and relevant to them. With EngageOne™ Enrichment you can customize your communications using one-to-one messaging and selective content insertion to improve your targeting and strengthen customer relationships.

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Integrated for seamless use

EngageOne™ Enrichment can be fully integrated to work with print-ready files created by your existing applications, and works with most popular business document formats including AFP and PDF. And you can enhance your tools further by integrating your internal customer support and external customer self-service eBilling and Account Management solutions.

The flexibility included with EngageOne™ Enrichment means you can manage your print streams with or without IT involvement. You can achieve more with options specifically geared for developers and end-users, in addition to IT staff. And built-in tools provide easy analysis, development and testing – including WYSIWYG viewers.

Reduce print costs; increase delivery

Make your printed communications work more effectively by mailing personalized and targeted notifications in a consolidated way. EngageOne™ Enrichment works with postal barcoding and automation to make sure printed communications get seen by the correct recipient the first time.

Streamline the document creation process, and the distribution too. By matching different documents with the same destination and combining them into a single envelope, EngageOne™ Enrichment can reduce your postal expenses. You can also apply postal automation to all mailings at a central point to maximize savings. And you can further integrate your print stream with postal coding and Move Update solutions to improve mail delivery.

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EngageOne Enrichment


Update, modify, and redirect print streams on the fly, without technical involvement
Improved targeting
Customize your print communications using one-to-one messaging and selective inserting
Reduce costs
Combine and match documents to reduce expense and increase deliverability
Increase productivity
Boost the timeliness and efficiency of your paper and digital production

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