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Connect people to places

Precisely Demographics is a robust collection of demographic, geodemographic, and consumer context data designed to help you understand people and the places where they live, work, and do business.

These datasets offer information for over 140 countries and territories worldwide, and empower you to conduct your analysis at the scale you need.

Precisely Demographics allows you to visualize population counts and characteristics at a nationwide, statewide, census-block, or lifestyle group level, and plan for future trends with demographic estimates and projections. Populations are not static. In addition to traditional resident profiles, dynamic demographics provide insight into how populations change during the day or week.

Precisely Demographics is a collection of demographic data designed for demographic mapping to understand people, where they live, work and do business.
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Breadth, depth, and versatility

Make better business decisions based on data covering over 6.7 billion people worldwide.

Precisely Demographics provides the level of data you need for global or local population analytics. Datasets are consistent across geographies for streamlined workflows, and updated frequently to ensure freshness.

Datasets are delivered with geographic information such as census and administrative boundaries to help you associate people and behaviors with location, by visualizing and examining populations within the context of their location. Dynamic demographic data allows you to incorporate population flow by time of day and week into your analysis.

Both traditional and dynamic demographic data are ready to use in the business or location intelligence system of your choice. Offered in a variety of file formats, Precisely Demographics works seamlessly with other spatial or tabular data.

You can also enrich your demographic analysis with the PreciselyID, a unique identifier for address points. The PreciselyID enables a quick and simple lookup of additional population information to join with demographic characteristics.

Inform strategic decisions

Demographics data from Precisely enables you to identify where types of people are, when they are there, and how they may interact with your business. A wide range of demographic, consumer and customer preference variables offer detailed insights for use in multiple industries.

With an understanding of the types of people flowing through a specific area, businesses can better plan retail outlets, store layout, and product mix. Demographic data can also inform social media strategies, or enable you to target mobile location-based marketing based on the types of people living in a store catchment area.

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Datasets include but not limited to:


Broad reach
Analyze global patterns with demographic data from around the world
Detailed levels
Identify populations, preferences, and behavior from a nationwide to individual level
Segmentation and projections
Understand lifestyle groups and how an area will change in the future
Link to other datasets with the PreciselyID unique identifier

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