Excel to SAP Automation

Chances are, you are already using Microsoft Excel to manage data outside of SAP. With Automate Studio desktop automation you can easily create, manage, extract and transform SAP data from the familiar Excel application you are already using. You can even automate complex SAP business processes with just a few clicks to speed through day-to-day tasks, mass migrations and more – all while improving data quality integrity, compliance and governance.

And for greater flexibility and utility, you can take advantage of the Automate Studio Manager add-on. With Automate Studio Manager, you get granular control over Automate Studio user license management, server-side scheduling and job execution, better process visibility and simple workflow automation. Automate Studio Manager is also now available as a SaaS cloud offering.

Excel is the go-to business tool for working with data. Use it for front-end SAP data management and speed through day-to-day tasks, mass migrations, and more – all while improving data integrity, quality and morale.

Speed without sacrifice

Timing is everything and moving with speed and agility needs to be a priority for any business. But working too hastily can mean that critical errors get overlooked – that’s why you need a desktop automation solution that enables you to move SAP data quickly and accurately while maintaining compliance and governance.

Make moving and managing Sap data simple with automation, and see immediate results:

  • Deploy faster harnessing the power of Excel. Cut the time needed to move data in and out of SAP dramatically – often reducing tasks to minutes or hours, instead of days or weeks.
  • Work smarter by empowering your business teams to deploy automation solutions on their own, using self-service tools. You’ll be freeing up IT resources for other priorities and activities.
  • Onboard easier thanks to Automate Studio’s seamless integration with Excel’s familiar platform,– it’s easy for employees to learn core SAP data management tasks without having to know the SAP GUI.

Create and change SAP data faster using Automate Studio enabled Excel worksheets

It’s a familiar scenario for many: you manually create and manage hundreds or thousands of records in your SAP ERP through the SAP GUI.

This massive, ongoing undertaking monopolizes valuable staff time that could be put to better use adding value to the business – not to mention, manual SAP data management is error-prone, morale-draining, and can leave your IT team with a backlog of other requests.

It’s time to take control and enable your SAP analysts or super users to build Excel-based automation solutions that securely exchange data with your SAP system.

With Automate Studio, our mass data maintenance platform, you’ll be able to reduce data entry time by up to 98% while improving data quality and ensuring SAP permissions are respected – all while improving compliance, governance and process efficiency.

Streamlining SAP S/4HANA migration

Whether you are implementing SAP S/4HANA for the first time, or migrating from an older SAP ERP system, in order make the transition smoothly you’ll need to make sure that the data in your new system is correct from the beginning. The Precisely Automate platforms can help.

Ease your transition:

  • Supplement standard SAP tools to complete data management and prep tasks prior to migration.
  • Streamline migration by using Automate Studio to help mass data movement out of SAP ECC and into your new SAP S/4HANA system.
  • Maintain automation consistency thanks to Precisely’s compatibility with both SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA, usually with a few tweaks, you can continue using existing automation scripts and workflows throughout your system transition.

A more flexible future

If your company has historically used LSMW to upload mass data into SAP, you’ve likely discovered that as your business continuously advances, LSMW simply can’t keep up.

That’s why thousands of SAP users are choosing our flexible, user-friendly automation alternative.

Reduce the burden on IT by enabling business users to manage automation script creation and maintenance – without any required programming or risk to security and governance. When it’s time to update master records, you’ll be able to do so in three simple steps – create, map, run – rather than trudging through the complicated and time-consuming process required in LSMW.

Get started today with Automate Studio, our business-led, IT-enabled SAP automation platform that improves productivity, identifies and corrects errors, and provides the flexibility that you need.


“Precisely gives us the benefit to run reports, and we can easily see what our time savings is – with our top 10 transactions alone, we saved 22,500 hours in a single quarter.”

Finance Process Improvement Specialist,
Sealed Air