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Automate Studio

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Precisely Automate Studio is an Excel-compatible product that automates data collection, validation and movement for use with SAP data management solutions, saving you significant time and money and increasing process efficiency.

Automate Studio enables business users to interact with SAP from familiar interfaces like Microsoft Office. By automating business processes, Studio allows you to become more efficient in SAP data management tasks, while improving SAP data integrity and accuracy.

Easy to use Excel compatible interface

Studio is one integrated tool for quickly deploying data integration templates for Excel, Access or web services to interact with SAP ERP. You can streamline SAP batch data management processes like mass record creation or change, and create complex scenarios with long text and document attachments.

You can create Transaction scripts using SAP BAPIs and queries from SAP tables, infosets and logical databases, without programming. Automate Studio also supports round-trip data maintenance by enabling you to perform instant queries to extract SAP data before manipulating it in Excel and updating in SAP.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Upload/download SAP data in record time
  • Improve data quality
  • Minimize reliance on IT for Excel integration with SAP
  • Get up and running with SAP – Excel integration faster
  • Ensure compliance and security standards

Automate Studio Modules

Transaction – Automate data import into SAP

  • Create transactions in 3 simple steps
  • Have fully functioning scripts operational in minutes
  • Validate data before posting to SAP
  • Build complex chains for multi-step data maintenance tasks

Query – Simplify SAP extracts and reporting

  • Ad-hoc reports from real-time SAP data
  • Select one or more SAP tables, infosets or logical databases
  • Define selection criteria
  • Map data for Excel, Access, or text files
  • Schedule queries

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