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Achieve enterprise location intelligence by turning data into actionable insights using highly flexible and scalable location data management and analytics

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Manage and analyze location data

With the exponential growth in location data comes the continuing challenge of integrating and managing this efficiently to create insights across the enterprise. With Spectrum Spatial, you can use more data from different databases and file formats. It’s easy to integrate and orchestrate this data to quickly gain a richer, more complete view of spatial opportunities and risks from location analytics.

With its open architecture and scalability, enterprise location intelligence is now achievable across any data silos that may exist. After ingestion, spatial data can be managed centrally, enabling you to determine the data you need and then combine it for a robust, single, location-intelligent view. This uniquely flexible approach is complemented by highly intuitive visualization and analytics which work across devices, meaning more valuable insights for more users across your organization.

“I was very taken with the intuitive interface in Spectrum Spatial. It has power, but it doesn’t look or feel too techie.”

Stuart Carter, Corporate GIS Manager, Southwark Council

Customize spatial analytics

Extend the value of your location intelligence by customizing the product and creating applications to fit unique business needs. Spectrum Spatial makes it easy for developers to build on top of the core Spectrum Spatial application, tailoring solutions to specific business use cases.

It’s easy to customize views, add branding and choose functionality. Using the extensibility platform enables custom applications to be created which are tailored to solve your organizations challenge.

Risk Analyzer is an example of a customized application built on Spectrum Spatial by Precisely. This product provides a comprehensive, yet intuitive view of properties, so insurance underwriters can assess risk and accurately price premiums, in a fraction of the time.

Spectrum Spatial
Customization capabilities enable Spectrum Spatial solve unique industry challenges.
Accelerate through cloud-native

Accelerate geospatial insights within cloud-native and big data environments. Spectrum Spatial for Big Data provides location intelligence at scale with the most complete set of proven address management, geocoding and location analytics, without sacrificing speed or performance.

You can deploy spatial processes natively using Kubernetes and Spark cluster deployment to calculate point-in-polygon, measure distances or aggregate data within a hierarchical grid. Use the results to operationalize business rules or visualize the results on a map. Combining this with the use of the PreciselyID, a unique and persistent property ID, makes it possible to relate multiple datasets to reveal complex relationships.

Together, these capabilities help to organize, manage, analyze and visualize big data in ways that yield actionable insights.

“For companies that need a solution that will be ready very quickly, I highly recommend Spectrum Spatial. The solution is very easy to deploy, configure and manage on an ongoing basis.”

Marius Dediu, GIS Architect, Orange Romania


Seamless interoperability
Integrate, access, manage and enrich spatial data as you benefit from the flexibility of an open architecture
Operationalize analytics
Embed geospatial rules, logic and visualization into existing operational systems and workflows
Customize deployment
Customizable and intuitive functionality brings advanced analysis to any desktop, website, tablet or mobile
Achieve scale
Cloud-native spatial data processing and enrichment reveals actionable insights

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