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Customer Story

Orange Romania Broadens Data Access for Greater Operational Visibility

For Orange Romania, transparency is a core value. Ever since it was founded in 1997, the company has made information about coverage areas and service incidents widely available. That’s why one of its core business applications is an internally developed tool called CovXpert, which displays data on coverage and services in an easy-to-understand map format. Orange Romania recently rebuilt CovXpert to run on Precisely Spectrum Spatial, so that even more employees could access this business-critical information.

Orange Romania understood that centralizing data was imperative. “When our customer service department received a call, they needed to be able to quickly answer questions about available coverage or outages in specific locations throughout Romania,” explains Marius Dediu, GIS Architect for Orange Romania. Built on top of Precisely MapInfo Pro, using the MapBasic language, early iterations of CovXpert served as a central repository for information about services, coverage, equipment, incidents and alarms, and customer complaints. “We collected all this information and put it on a map,” Dediu says. “We also analyzed it using different technical indicators, to know how to prioritize network maintenance to keep customers satisfied.”
The solution worked well and as consumer technologies advanced, the company saw new opportunities to make CovXpert even more user-friendly. However, because some of the information is very confidential, Orange Romania decided not to store the maps on the cloud.

Considering the internal restrictions due to confidentiality, Orange Romania redesigned CovXpert based on Precisely Spectrum Spatial. The on-premises version houses a wide array of information, from signal quality and services available at a particular address to incidents and alarms history, to each antenna’s location and coverage. Deployment required quite a bit of customization, but Spectrum Spatial enabled the internal handling of these changes.

“The customization was easy and fast,” Dediu reports. “Spectrum Spatial simplifies the process of consuming and viewing data analysis, so we don’t have to rewrite code in order to share and analyze more information within the company. For companies that need a solution that will be ready very quickly, I highly recommend Spectrum Spatial. The solution is very easy to deploy, configure and manage on an ongoing basis.”

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