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Customer Story

Location intelligence technology helps Sedgemoor District Council prepare for the unexpected

Location Intelligence technology used to integrate complex spatial data

Earlier this year, parts of Somerset was deluged by rain, causing floods which isolated communities and devastated farms as high tides and gale force winds battered the county. Floodwaters reached 8 feet in some areas, causing the evacuation of hundreds of people from their homes and resulting in millions of pounds worth of damage.

The District of Sedgemoor which lies within the heartlands of rural Somerset, was one of the worst affected. Sedgemoor District Council serves this area, which has a population of 46,000 households and covers 217 square miles of the county, from the Mendip hills across the Somerset levels. The council is responsible for management across various areas of Sedgemoor life, including planning, building, housing, community, living, waste, and the environment.

As well as working hard to bring the region and its economy back to its former glory following the floods, the council has been taking significant steps to minimise the impact of similar weather conditions this season, and location intelligence technology is set to play a key part.

Using location analytics to minimise risk

Location intelligence technology draws together information from different sources – maps or geographic information systems for example – providing meaningful data which can be analysed in detail. Sedgemoor District Council is now able to tap into its own valuable data resources across the region.

Sedgemoor District Council is using Precisely’s Spectrum Spatial solution, which provides a platform that enables organisations to easily leverage, centralise and integrate complex spatial data across the organisation. Accurate, real-time spatial analytics are shared amongst staff and used for operational and strategic
data-driven decision-making. Analysing this information means it can understand the area’s exposure to risk, help the region prepare itself for the unexpected, and work to ensure contingencies are put in place.

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