Solution Sheet

Databricks and Location Intelligence from Precisely

The rate at which new data is being generated from rich media sources, IoT devices, and daily communication channels is causing challenges in accessing, leveraging, and understanding critical details for business insight and decision-making.

Bringing the variety of data types together in the Databricks Lakehouse platform enables pulling disparate datasets together into one cloud platform for data management and governance and drives your use cases from a single source of data in the cloud. Yet many companies have work to do in unlocking value from their data.

Location is a central component of most data – for example, an address or mobile phone location. When leveraged in business data, location provides a consistent and common thread to connect disparate data sources and provides a meaningful approach to enriching data quickly for machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced analytics.

With location intelligence capabilities and the open, collaborative Databricks Unified Data Platform, organizations can take a straightforward approach to organize, manage, and analyze their data for enhanced business insights.

Download this solution sheet and see how using geospatial data, you can connect, harmonize, and analyze a wide variety of data to drive business insight.

Unlock insights for data-driven decisions in Databricks with location intelligence from Precisely