Empower Your Data Science Practices with Location Intelligence

The volume of data and the speed at which data is produced continually increase on an exponential scale. Consumer transaction data, client records, and data in motion—from mobile devices, IoT sensors, and other sources—usually contain associated geographic coordinates that require geospatial processing to extract value.

Given the volume and variety of this data, organizations and data science teams need a location strategy that includes big data technology that joins disparate data sets (geo-enrichment) and performs cloud-native location analytics to reveal actionable business and operational insights.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can gain value from location analytics and geo-enrichment. Find out what your organization needs to know in order to tap the potential of geospatial data for a variety of business use cases.

What’s covered:

  • Learn how organizations are evolving their location strategy to include big data technology and new data sources
  • Hear about use cases where companies use big data analytics to answer questions that were once very difficult or impossible to answer
  • See a live demonstration of big data technology
  • Find out best practices for getting started with geo-enrichment
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