Solution Sheet

Spectrum Spatial Risk Analyzer

Add speed and accuracy to your underwriting with Spectrum Spatial Risk Analyzer

Your expertise should be spent evaluating property criteria, not hunting it down. Now you can stop searching for data, eliminate inefficient manual processes and focus your energy where it counts. Spectrum Spatial Risk Analyzer delivers the information you need to quickly make commercial and residential property underwriting decisions. You’ll get single-screen access to maps for visual reference; categorized, real-time, validated data; and smart alerts to highlight critical issues. With this comprehensive, at-a-glance view of property, you can assess risk and accurately price premiums in a fraction of the time.

Get single-screen access to a wealth of commercial and residential property data points.

Be more productive and precise

  • Clarify your view of each property
  • View the concentration of risk alongside existing policies
  • Expedite your underwriting decisions
  • Improve pricing accuracy
  • Reduce manual processes and associated risks

Single view with Spectrum Spatial Risk Analyzer

Aligned to underwriting best practices, Spectrum Spatial Risk Analyzer gives you quick access to the information you need. The tool intuitively presents a map view of the property in its real-world context, including at-a-glance alerts that highlight potential issues, and 100+ data elements, categorized for easy review.

Data enriched

Precisely offers robust, high quality datasets curated specifically for property underwriting. This business, property and perils data, is carefully compiled to present an up-to-date, 360-degree view of any US address. It is continuously validated and linked with relevant risk and demographic data to ensure timely, accurate insights.

Your rules

More than a dozen different alert algorithms come preset so you can get up and running fast. It’s simple to toggle these on or off—and to recalibrate them to align with your risk appetite.
It’s also easy to integrate data from your own internal and 3rd party sources. We can even work with you to customize Risk Analyzer, enabling you to automate complex policy decisions.

Spectrum Spatial Risk Analyzer