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Streamline AML Compliance

Discover the entity resolution that fuels data quality and streamlines AML compliance.

Risk mitigation hinges on a single view of customer that’s accurate and unique. The cost of anti-money laundering (AML) non-compliance is so severe that no one can afford to fail.

What do financial institutions do? They over-compensate for complex requirements and data discrepancies with redundant processes and manual work-arounds.

Yet even with these added costs, compliance gaps still exist. Fortunately, highly accurate and precise data quality is within your reach. Robust entity resolution solutions tailored for financial crimes and compliance provide a clearer view of risk.

Now you can make connections across accounts, people and transactions to detect suspicious activities without the waste and inefficiency. Precisely provides the confidence you need to comply with ever-changing regulations across KYC, transactions monitoring and screening. Recognize when risk profiles change. Visualize non-obvious relationships. Then orchestrate how these insights are used at every stage of the compliance lifecycle.

AML compliance with confidence

  • Improve detection and mitigate risk
  • Generate fewer alerts
  • Increase investigator productivity
  • Achieve more with your existing systems
  • Reduce the total cost of compliance

See your customers as they really are

Regulators expect banks to detect any suspicious activity. At the same time, criminal networks take advantage of data discrepancies, name variants and cultural differences to avoid detection.

Compliance teams are stuck in the middle. Every day you must deal with disparate data and information that’s misspelled, misfielded and incomplete. Without a single view of customer that you can rely on, you face a difficult choice when it comes to AML rule tuning: You can risk fines and penalties (false negatives) or deal with inefficient over-investigating (false positives). Either approach is costly.

Our AML compliance solutions help you:

  • Resolve entities with greater accuracy and precision
  • Keep pace with change
  • Make every investigator more productive
  • Access a single view you can depend on
  • Leverage rules-based orchestration

Download this solution sheet to see how our suite of AML compliance solutions helps mitigate risk and boost efficiency across myriad regulations.

Streamline AML Compliance