Data Mesh

The Precisely Data Integrity Suite enables you to start building a data mesh today to empower your teams with trusted data products for fast, confident decision making.

Data Mesh powered by the Precisely Data Integrity Suite

In a world drowning in data, data mesh offers an answer for business teams to increase agility and be more data-driven.  Data mesh is a modern architectural strategy that empowers domain experts and owners to create, organize, and manage data products for more agile and trusted business insights and outcomes.

Core principles of a data mesh include self-service access to critical data by domain owners to quickly respond to data requests, decentralized or federated data governance to manage data privacy, security, and policies, and a user-friendly inventory of approved data products that are available on-demand.

Explore how the Precisely Data Integrity Suite can help you build the foundation for your data mesh strategy.

The Evolution of Data Governance

At Gartner UK in May 2024, Tendü Yoğurtçu, PhD, CTO at Precisely and Nicola Askam, The Data Governance Coach discuss the evolution of data governance to drive innovation and not just tick boxes for compliance. Topics where data governance is taking center stage include empowering data & analytics teams to be more proactive, ensuring data integrity for data leveraged for AI and GenAI, and preparing for modern data management strategies like data fabric and data mesh.

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