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Improve deliverability, simplify compliance, and enhance customer engagement with international address standardization, verification, and validation

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Optimize global address data quality

Forbes reports that 84% of CEOs are concerned about the quality of the data they’re basing decisions on. An incorrect address can increase your exposure to risk, fraud, and unnecessary costs. Multiply that risk by a large number of addresses and the impact can be significant.

Achieving high match rates across both structured and unstructured data requires advanced algorithms that match, verify, and geocode addresses data to the correct address – we call this geo addressing.

The USPS CASS Cycle O Certification is here.

Geo addressing consolidates the capabilities from our world-class geocoding and address verification solutions into a single solution. Precisely’s geo addressing and data enrichment solutions enable organizations of all sizes to increase the use of address data and quickly associate rich, relevant contextual information. The results? Faster, more confident decision-making.

Geo addressing capabilities deliver address autocompletion, sophisticated matching algorithms, and detailed matching metadata with address point data around the globe. Positional accuracy (the closeness of an assigned geocode to a specific parcel or structure) can be critical. It may sound simple but leveraging addresses to inform business decisions is an extremely complex and ever-growing challenge, especially across multiple countries and address formats. Ensuring the best possible address match and obtaining hyper-accurate location coordinates requires deep domain expertise to deliver trusted results.

Optimize address data quality across massive volumes of addresses for over 250 countries and territories. Real-time address verification automatically recognizes, formats, and validates your data by country, with appropriate multinational characters and casing. This allows you to improve deliverability, simplify compliance, and enhance customer engagement on an extensive scale.

Confidently match addresses across systems and databases using powerful geo addressing engines that deliver the best results for each region. With this common reference point, you can build and enrich robust customer profiles across your enterprise and around the globe.

Flexibility, efficiency and scalability

Advanced parsing and built-in machine learning capabilities continually improve speed, accuracy, and processing across different address formats and sources.

By continuously learning and interpreting address conventions and variations, Spectrum Global Addressing minimizes manual intervention and easily scales to meet high-volume demands. An open systems design lets you deploy in any environment, from a single server to big data platforms.

Flexible pricing makes this solution an excellent fit for a wide range of needs. You’ll gain extensive coverage, including a vast and expanding pool of certified-deliverable addresses, all available through our multi-sourced approach.

Our highly scalable, advanced architecture enables you to perform address verification within your organization or via hosted services. Spectrum Global Addressing supports Java, COM, C, .NET and C++ interfaces.

Foundations for Customer 360

Exceptional high-volume address verification and standardization is a must-have to build robust customer profiles and enable linkage and geo-enrichment to confidently:

  • Identify households
  • Uncover relationships
  • Detect networks and patterns

To support this need, Spectrum Global Addressing assigns a PreciselyID, a unique and persistent identifier for each address, as part of the verification and standardization process. PreciselyID makes it easier to link data across your organization, accelerate processing, and gain rich Customer 360 views. A PreciselyID creates additional data enrichment opportunities, providing further context to your data.

Spectrum Global Addressing

Spectrum Global Addressing
When a PreciselyID is returned with validation results, it not only enables a variety of Precisely data enrichment opportunities, but also reduces exception handling whenever addresses don’t match local postal authority sources.


Superior address quality helps you understand data connections and ultimately get to know your customers better – where they live, work and travel – to improve how you interact with them.

Designed with simplicity in mind, Spectrum Global Addressing features straightforward navigation and excellent support functions, making it a great addition to your customer service, call center and online ordering systems. Using the Geo Addressing SDK, you can easily integrate even more address validation sources.

Customer Story – Superior Data Quality Enables L’Occitane to Build More Personalized Customer Relationships

Increased accuracy and lower costs

Address data quality is a crucial element for developing customer relationships, as well as overall data governance.

As a CASS-certified address validation solution, Spectrum Global Addressing helps you increase mailing accuracy while reducing postage costs.

Spectrum Global Addressing enables you to:

  • Validate: Verify that your addresses are correct. And know that your mail or package is being delivered to the correct address.
  • Comply: Streamline a compliance-focused mail solution with CASS-certified address verification. And be equipped to handle new postal compliance mandates.
  • Automate: Achieve more efficient address accuracy by adding automation. And streamline your operations by minimizing exceptions.
  • Save: Whether you send a single package or bulk, take advantage of greater postal savings with USPS and reduce postage costs by leveraging USPS-certified address validation.
Deployment options

Choose a geo addressing solution that flows with your business. As your business evolves, so will your IT needs and capabilities. Choose a flexible solution now to save yourself potential headaches and unexpected costs later.

On-premises geo addressing should be easy to embed into server and desktop applications. Cloud-based solutions should offer the same results and rich capabilities as on-premises options.

Few business users need geo addressing as their final output. Most users performing spatial analysis need geo addressing built into their business process workflows and applications. The faster you can integrate your solution into existing and new applications, the shorter your time to value.

To make integration easier, look for solutions that interface with multiple web service protocols (such as REST and Java) and support various programming languages and operating modes, such as client/ server, batch, and interactive.

Precisely’s solutions have multiple deployment options ranging from easy-to-use SaaS and APIs to enterprise-wide solutions and SDKs, designed to run on-premises or natively within big data/cloud-native environments.

Geo Addressing SDK runs spatial processes natively within cloud-native and big data environments using Kubernetes and Spark cluster deployment to help organize, manage, analyze and visualize business data in ways that yield actionable insights.

We also recognize you may have an investment in other technology but want to use Precisely’s geo addressing solutions. Rest assured, we can meet your geo addressing needs, wherever your data lives.

Geo addressing deployment options:

Geo Addressing


Accurate addressing
Standardize, verify and validate address data at scale
Global coverage
Optimize address data quality with automated standardization for over 220 countries
Flexible deployment
Deploy in any environment, from single server to big data platforms
Better results
Improve deliverability, simplify compliance and enhance customer engagement

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