Customer Story

Superior Data Quality Enables L’Occitane to Build More Personalized Customer Relationships

Improvement in data quality enables L’Occitane to start building a relationship with a customer from the moment they click the subscribe button.

L’Occitane is a global leader of natural cosmetics and well-being products. A key part of maintaining this leadership is building close relationships with its customers across all channels. Until recently, this was a data quality challenge for L’Occitane, since duplication of customer records impaired customer visibility and was time consuming and difficult to correct. The Spectrum Technology Platform solution from Precisely has eliminated this issue, enabling L’Occitane to easily manage its customer records and perform more personalized marketing and customer support.

Yulia Stepanova, Customer Leader, Head of Analytics at L’Occitane is responsible for growing the customer portfolio and the customer lifetime value. “But until recently, it was complicated to really know the customer or deliver great customer experience,” she says.Stepanova has access to a large quantity of customer data; however, it was scattered over multiple, siloed systems. Inside the organization’s customer relationship management (CRM) system, duplicate customer records existed. These duplicate records meant that customers would receive multiple instances of marketing material, which increased marketing costs for L’Occitane and impacted the customer experience. Record deduplication took 2.5 hours, so it could only be run on a weekly basis.

“The best business decisions are built on data. Most operational and analytical business processes rely on a solid, high-quality data foundation and a unified view of our customers,” says Giang Pham-Dac, Customer Master Data Manager at L’Occitane. However, L’Occitane lacked the unified visibility that would enable it to provide tailored communications to its customers. Additionally, this lack of visibility put the company at risk of not meeting the requirements of GDPR.

L’Occitane decided to set up a Data Lake and Master Data Management (MDM) system to improve analysis and control of its customer data. “It was a strategic project for us, so we launched an RFP, conducted a thorough benchmark and considered several competitors,” says Pham-Dac.  Once the study was complete, L’Occitane selected the Spectrum Technology Platform. The platform offered a secure solution with easy integration, an intuitive user interface and
a low total cost of ownership. The easy integration was a key criterion for the retailer, who needed to connect customer data from 10 systems of record.

L’Occitane builds customer relationships with superior data quality