Ironstream for ServiceNow®

Integrate mainframe and IBM i systems into ServiceNow applications for a complete view of your IT environment

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Better visibility for better IT operations

When IT services go down, so does your business.

But, ensuring high service availability is harder than ever. IT must contend with a rapidly expanding, complex infrastructure, and the necessary insights may be trapped in disconnected tools.

While ServiceNow helps overcome those challenges by connecting enterprise IT with a single, unified platform, it doesn’t support the mission-critical mainframe and IBM i systems that run your business.

Ironstream for ServiceNow is the only Now® Certified solution to seamlessly integrate IBM mainframe and IBM i systems into the ServiceNow platform.  No mainframe or IBM i expertise is needed.

Discovery support delivers a truly complete, accurate and up-to-date Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Event Management integration extends the power of AIOps to dramatically reduce service outages.

Discovery support for a single source of truth

The CMDB is the single system of record for your entire IT infrastructure, underpinning all your ServiceNow apps. You can’t leave out your mainframes and IBM i systems, but manual integration is time-consuming and error-prone.

Ironstream seamlessly integrates with ServiceNow Discovery to make it easy to incorporate these traditional environments into the CMDB.

Ironstream automatically collects IBM mainframe and IBM i configuration items and populates them into the CMDB. Ironstream also maps interrelationships and keeps the CMDB up-to-date with any changes.

With Ironstream support for ServiceNow Discovery, you get a single source of truth to optimize IT operations, without the complexity, time and risk of manual processes.

Ironstream for Service Now
Include IBM z and IBM i in the automated Discovery of your infrastructure – accurate, up-to-date, reliable.
Event Management integration for service availability

Ironstream integrates with ServiceNow Event Management to improve service availability.  This means you can understand the root cause of problems quickly, and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR).

Ironstream monitors critical management messages on the mainframe and IBM i systems and forwards them to the ServiceNow Event Management server for consolidation, analysis and action.

With AIOps, ServiceNow dramatically reduces the time and effort required to correlate events. Events are normalized and de-duplicated into a single alert to dramatically reduce event noise so you can identify problems and resolve them before they disrupt your business.

Alerts may be tied to information in the CMDB for even more insight into prior issues, change history and more.  And, Ironstream can automatically resolve problems on the mainframe or IBM i to keep your business running.

Ironstream for Service Now
Include IBM z and IBM i in your Event Management workflow to ensure you have the agility to see the true picture.


Seamless Integration with ServiceNow

Ironstream is the only Now Certified solution to seamlessly integrate IBM mainframe and IBM i systems into the ServiceNow platform. Before Ironstream, automatically discovering configuration items, populating the CMDB and forwarding events from these systems into ServiceNow would have been unthinkable.

Ironstream is tightly integrated with ServiceNow, using the same schedules, filtering, alerting and dashboards as all the other systems in your IT infrastructure. It’s flexible and easy to adapt to the unique needs of your business.


Get a comprehensive view of all your IT resources to improve IT operations management
Improve service availability by reducing event noise and correlating events using AIOps
Make better decisions with automated root cause analysis and interactive service maps
Eliminate manual processes to reduce errors, increase productivity and respond faster

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