The Guide to ServiceNow® Discovery for Mainframes and IBM i

This eBook explores how to extend your ServiceNow platform to discover IBM i and mainframe data.

IT has changed markedly over the past decade. From a sprawling empire of distinct information siloes, IT is transitioning toward a more holistic and unified approach. Data can no longer be locked away. Information from all areas, whether structured or unstructured, must be shareable with other systems to facilitate automation and advanced analytics.

IT Operations Management (ITOM) solutions have evolved to satisfy this demand. They promise complete visibility into all areas of the infrastructure, and optimized management of IT environments.

ServiceNow and Discovery

The ServiceNow platform stands front and center in the ITOM marketplace. It provides a way to monitor operations, manage services throughout the enterprise, put together a single system of record for all IT assets and automate the discovery process for all IT assets. The platform ensures availability, improves efficiency and heightens the performance of processes and services, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

The discovery process is the foundation of ITOM. Only by maintaining an accurate and up-to-date catalog of all services, devices, networks, applications and storage can ITOM achieve its goals. As a result, organizations that do not work to encompass IBM mainframe and IBM i system data in ServiceNow are left with an incomplete picture that can lead to service slowdowns, troubleshooting delays and downtime. The discovery chasm that currently exists between mainframe/IBM i and other enterprise systems must be addressed if the full benefits of ITOM are to be realized.

Read this eBook to understand how Ironstream makes it easy and cost-effective to integrate data from isolated traditional IBM systems into ServiceNow Discovery.

The Guide to ServiceNow Discovery for Mainframes and IBM i
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