Leverage the Power of ServiceNow for Mainframe and IBM i: Finding the Root Cause of Service Issues

Virtually every business function across your company – from customer apps and websites, to back-office accounting – relies on IT services being up and running.  Service outages equate to lost time, revenue and reputation, so they need to be fixed fast. With ServiceNow Event Management, you can get to the root cause of service issues, resolve them and be back up and running quickly.  But it’s powerful capabilities are limited without access to your mainframe and IBM i systems, which support your most critical business services.

IT’s role in providing business services is more critical than ever. After all, these are the services that drive the customer experience, foster innovation, boost efficiency and create competitive advantage. Downtime must be avoided at all costs. Any issues that impair performance or threaten availability, therefore, must be identified, investigated and resolved in a timely manner.

But finding the root cause of an issue is far from simple, in part, because many different systems typically support each business service. A breakdown or glitch in any one of those systems can cause the entire service to go down. However, identifying exactly what is causing the problem, and how to fix it, can take hours or even days.

Platforms such as ServiceNow gather data from multiple monitoring systems and make it possible for IT to drill down to find out what is going on. ServiceNow Event Management applies artificial intelligence (AI) powered by machine learning to sift through thousands of alerts impacting up to dozens of systems to isolate the most likely reason for a slowdown. This capability cuts through the noise to help IT find the underlying cause of service issues far faster than could ever have been done manually. Its platform-agnostic nature makes it possible.

Download this eBook to explore the challenges and benefits of expanding your ServiceNow platform to include the mainframe and IBM i for Event Management, and how Precisely’s Ironstream for ServiceNow can help!

Leveraging the Power of ServiceNow: Finding the Root Cause of Service Issues
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