Solution Sheet

Ironstream for ServiceNow®

Ironstream for ServiceNow is the only certified solution for integrating IBM mainframe and IBM i systems into the ServiceNow environment

Ironstream supports ServiceNow Discovery to easily create a single view of your entire IT infrastructure, as well as ServiceNow Event Management to continually improve service availability and resolve issues fast.

In today’s digital, always-on world, IT is arguably the most important department across your organization. A single service outage can bring business to a standstill, impacting customers, partners, employees… and the bottom line. But knowing what’s happening across an increasingly complex landscape of infrastructure and apps, and resolving issues before they impact the business, is a daunting task.

IT Operations Management (ITOM) platforms, like that offered by ServiceNow®, empower IT teams with enhanced visibility, automation and operational intelligence to keep business services up and running. However, the ServiceNow platform does not support mainframe and IBM i environments by default – leaving you to manage silos, with decreased productivity and increased risk.

Extend your ServiceNow Platform to Include the Mainframe and IBM i
Precisely Ironstream is the leading technology for forwarding machine data from mainframes and IBM i systems to enterprise- wide ITOM, SIEM and analytics platforms. Ironstream for ServiceNow® is the only Now® Certified solution to seamlessly integrate these traditional IBM systems with the ServiceNow platform.

With Ironstream, you can extend the benefits of the ServiceNow platform to mainframe and IBM i, without needing specialized skills or knowledge of those systems. Ironstream for ServiceNow’s lightweight architecture enables two-way communication between the IBM systems and the ServiceNow platform, and provides flexibility to easily add functionality and custom probes, queries and message types.


  • Now® Certified solution – seamlessly integrates with the ServiceNow® platform
  • Power of ServiceNow platform extended to mainframe and IBM i, without the need for specialized skills or knowledge
  • Single view of entire IT infrastructure to drive smarter decisions
  • Improved service availability
  • Reduced mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Increased productivity and reduced errors
Ironstream for ServiceNow