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Develop smarter marketing strategies and drive real-world consumer actions by using Precisely PlaceIQ proprietary visitation data to analyze consumer movement, on your own terms.

Get granular visitation data with Firehose Visits

What are your most pressing needs for visitation data?

Whether for enrichment appends and analytics or activation and measurement, you need by enabling daily delivery of visits data for places across the United States. And with the ability to tune visits by precision and volume, you have the control you need to tackle your unique use cases.

Firehose Visits is the available, delivering ID-level visitation data for all brands within the full PlaceIQ Movement – spanning retail, dining, auto, travel, financial services, and more.



Observe trends and behaviors of shoppers who visit your locations – and your competitors’


Find geographical areas with high potential for expansion based on customer loyalty


Predict quarterly sales by analyzing store foot traffic patterns and share-of-visit reports

Your way

Customize to fit your needs and resources – regardless of granularity and complexity

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Time-stamped visitation for full PlaceIQ Movement taxonomy

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Individual brand location where the visit took place

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Designated market area, zip code, state, and time zone where the visit occurred

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Metadata about the place visited

Conduct powerful analysis with aggregated visit datasets

PlaceIQ Movement provides two aggregated datasets that enable trending, profiling, and trade area analysis: Daily Visit Counts and Place Intelligence Metrics.

Daily Visit Counts

Easily ingest visit metrics with the daily visit counts for all brand locations within an entire vertical category.

Place Intelligence Metrics

Build on Daily Visit Counts with this dataset featuring cross-shopping insights, consumer attributes, and trade area details, in addition to trending analysis.

These datasets provide an efficient way for you to directly ingest metrics into your own business intelligence systems. Delivery volumes are significantly easier to manage than Firehose Visits, enabling premium analytic intelligence without processing granular data.

Datasets can also easily be integrated into your own systems to build dashboards and mesh visitation metrics within your business processes.

With complete control and flexibility within your own toolset, you’re able to build views of visitation intelligence to meet your needs.

Precisely PlaceIQ aggregate datasets

Precisely PlaceIQ demographics

Understand customers and prospects with Consumer Attributes

Better understanding fuels better results. With our Consumer Attributes dataset, you gain access to PlaceIQ Movement’s demographic, socioeconomic, and geographic attributes by consumer, including:

  • demographic attributes
  • socioeconomic attributes
  • mobile device type
  • 90 days of brand visitation

Pre-defined visitation metrics make it easy to connect visitation behaviors and understand who these customers might be.

Consumer Attributes customers can use these datasets to connect to other PlaceIQ Movement datasets or utilize the data for audience profiling and audience activation on third-party data management platforms (DMPs) and demand-side platforms (DSPs).

Boost intelligence with turn-key analytic dashboards

Join major brands that use our location dashboards to understand consumer movement, monitor competitors, and measure market performance.

Backed by PlaceIQ Movement’s Daily Visit Counts and Place Intelligence Metrics datasets, you can easily uncover valuable insights about your brand (and your competitors) through packaged foot traffic analytics.

Dashboard views include visitation trends by day and hour, consumer demographic profiles, cross-shopping behaviors, trade area analysis, and more.

Use cases include:

Audience Intelligence:
Elevate your marketing and business strategies by understanding your audience’s movement story

Competitive Intelligence:
Edge out competitors with a deep analysis of your share-of-visit performance – by DMA or audience type

Market Intelligence:
Stay ahead of market shifts by analyzing industry-specific gains and losses when it comes to store visitation patterns


“With the mindset that consumers need to be at the heart of every marketing strategy, brands and agencies need to find ways to reach them and deliver more relevant messages. We believe quality data and advanced technology underpin that entire approach, and our collaboration and investment with Precisely PlaceIQ reinforce our commitment to helping brands meet that expectation.”

Traffic Health and Metrics Dashboards

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