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Protect critical IBM i applications from downtime and guard against data loss with simple, scalable, full-featured high availability and disaster recovery products

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Assure QuickEDD

Assure QuickEDD replicates IBM i data and objects in real time to local or remote backup servers. These servers then stand ready to assume the production role or recover data, including data from past points in time.

Assure Quick EDD  is expandable to multiple nodes and supports multiple replication topologies. It can also be used with a variety of IBM i OS levels and storage combinations, and is scalable from SMB to enterprise workloads.

The service uses a graphical interface that supports seven languages and a 5250 interface, with customizable switch procedures that can run step-by-step, interactively or in batch mode.

Tools are provided for analysis, monitoring, and specific configurations, and reports can be created on your HA environment, job logs, and more. Alerts are also available through email, MSGQ and SNMP for unattended monitoring.

Assure QuickEDD

Assure QuickEDD Anonymizer

Assure QuickEDD Anonymizer is an add-on to Assure QuickEDD that permanently replaces sensitive IBM i data with substitute values, protecting data privacy and helping you achieve compliance with GDPR and other regulations.

Assure QuickEDD Anonymizer gives you a range of anonymization techniques, including substitution, and can be performed in real time or on a scheduled basis.

Personal data is replaced with unrelated values while retaining the same format, length and type. The data remains perfectly acceptable for testing, training, statistical analysis, and retains its original structure and form. Anonymization is done before the data is transmitted to other IBM i systems so that the actual data never leaves the secured production server.


Minimize downtime
Protect your business from the high cost of downtime for applications and data on IBM i
Protect data
Ensure IBM i data is protected from potential loss by keeping a real-time copy on a backup system
Easy administration
Quick to install and configure, and delivers fast, no-lock synchronization for quick time to protection
Local language support
Monitor and manage in your preferred language through a GUI that supports seven languages

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Assure QuickEDD HA

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