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Real-time replication

Assure iTERA enables small and medium-sized businesses to meet their Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objectives by replicating your production IBM i environment to a local or remote recovery server. Based on the efficient, reliable remote journaling technology in IBM i, Assure iTERA consumes minimal bandwidth, ensures the integrity of your replicated data and eliminates the potential for lost data.

Platform independent, Assure iTERA supports replication between different storage types and IBM i OS versions. Replicated data on the recovery server is available for tape backup, queries and reports or maintenance activities without business interruption.

Customer Story – Assure iTERA Helps Ensure Tegel Foods LTD Poultry Supply Chain Runs Smoothly


Assure iTERA
Assure iTERA replicates all essential objects on your production server—programs, data areas, data queues, IFS, user profiles, device configurations, spool files, triggers, constraints, WebSphere MQ, and more—to ensure the recovery server is always ready to rapidly take over operations.
Audits for worry-free role swaps

Assure iTERA ensures worry-free role swaps from the production server to the recovery server by continually auditing your replicated data to ensure synchronization with the production server. Unauthorized changes are instantly and automatically healed at the record level, without requiring resynchronization of entire objects.

Scheduled and on-demand audits are available to correct any out of sync conditions, while continuous monitoring of the recovery server detects any unauthorized activity. Files that have not changed since their previous audit can be skipped for faster completion and more efficient use of resources.

Customer Story – Assure iTERA Enabled Takata Holdings to Switch the Roles of Their Production and Backup Sites in About an Hour

“We wanted to switch the roles of our production and backup sites for strategic reasons. Assure iTERA took what would have been a pretty monstrous task down to about an hour.”

Daniel Robins, Senior IT Business Analyst, Takata Holdings

Reliable failover

Assure iTERA offers virtual role-swap testing and a role-swap readiness monitor to provide confidence in a worry-free failover whenever needed. Virtual Role-Swap validates readiness while the primary server remains active, while the Role-Swap Readiness (RSR) monitor checks your environments ability to role-swap at a user-defined interval. It also provides a single-screen summary view, as well as a more granular view of the latest audit checks.

If a failover is required, checklists and documented best practices guide you through the process to minimize the probability of human error.

Customer Story – Crown Point Community School Corporation (CPSC) Depends on Assure iTERA to Manage its Financial Operations

Simple to manage

Assure iTERA HA has a simple, familiar 5250 interface, making it easy for IBM i administrators to use and navigate. Only minutes a day are required to monitor and manage an Assure iTERA environment. Replication statistics can also be exported for reporting, automation or integration into enterprise monitoring consoles.

Assure iTERA System Monitor shows the status of production and recovery servers, while the Multi-System Monitor can be used to monitor multiple LPARs or servers from a single screen. For lights-out monitoring, alerts can be configured to notify you of issues that require attention.

Customer Story – Dupré Logistics Found a “Surprisingly Affordable” and Trusted HA/DR Solution in Assure iTERA

“Assure iTERA is surprisingly affordable. For any company of a certain size that is not doing this, it’s like shame on them because they could have had a solution that would help the business so much.”

Stuart Suffern, IT Director, Dupré Logistics


Eliminate downtime
Practically eliminate planned and unplanned downtime to protect your business from its high costs and consequences
Data protection
Guard against lost data due to server, site or regional outage by replicating your data changes in real time to a recovery server located anywhere in the world
Simple monitoring
Monitor and manage your HA environments in only minutes each day
Meet SLAs
Achieve your SLAs for Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives without impacting production operations

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