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Customer Story

Crown Point Community School Corporation

“We took a look at Assure iTERA HA and thought it couldn’t possibly be as good as advertised, but it turned out to be every bit as good.”

Crown Point Community School Corporation (CPSC) depends on its systems to manage its financial operations, keep student records, route school busses, and more. If it relied solely on tape-based backups to protect that data, recovery times would be lengthy. What’s more, because backup jobs are typically run nightly, up to 24-hours worth of data may be missing from the most recent backup tape.

Systems are essential to every enterprise whether it’s a for-profit business, a charity, a government agency or department, or an educational organization. And every enterprise has a critical need to protect data and keep it available. The Crown Point Community School Corporation (CPSC) is no exception.

A number of people depend on the data in CPSC’s systems. Through a variety of online systems, parents and students can access data via the Web and counselors at the school can
do scheduling online, among other applications. If there is a problem, people notice. In the past, within five minutes of the system going down, more than 40 parents called in to complain. As a result, CPSC set an objective of always being able to be back online within no more than 15 minutes.

In addition, CPSC is regularly audited by the State of Indiana. A recent state audit identified the need for a better backup plan for CPSC’s data.

CPSC evaluated a variety of options for improving data protection and availability. Included in the consideration set was everything from maintaining a single production system, but moving backup data offsite faster than it was then doing, through to implementing high availability software to maintain real-time replica data and applications on a hot-standby backup server at a remote location.