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Gain deeper customer insights with the context you need to drive your business forward. Data enrichment helps to power your data to its fullest potential.

Create More Valuable Data with Data Enrichment and Geo Addressing

Transforming raw data into actionable insights is a challenge for many organizations, across industries. But the need to turn that issue around has never been stronger, thanks to a digital landscape that increasingly values context and personalization.

That’s what makes data enrichment so powerful. It gives your business the ability to dive deeper into customer insights, which in turn empowers more informed decisions, optimized business processes, inspired product innovation, and personalized marketing messages. But what is data enrichment, exactly? It’s the process of enhancing your data by appending relevant context from additional sources – improving its overall value, accuracy, and usability.

Ultimately, this can be a huge undertaking and your time is too valuable to be spent on curating and processing data. That’s why we offer expertly curated datasets for business, geographies, demographics, and more, that are fully interoperable with other Precisely software and data products – making the process seamless and freeing up more of your time for data-driven transformation. Linking this contextual data to your internal data is made easy by our geo addressing solutions, including address verification and geocoding for countries around the world.

Using data enrichment to compile a 360o view of an address, businesses can make data-driven decisions about insuring, purchasing, financing, or extending service coverage to a property.

Precisely geo addressing streamlines this process by associating a PreciselyID, a unique and persistent identifier, with every residential, business, commercial, and rural address in our geo addressing reference dataset, Master Location Data (MLD). MLD reference datasets, available for countries around the world, also include hyper-accurate, rooftop-level geocodes.

Geo addressing verifies and cleanses your customer address data – then, geocodes it and assigns a PreciselyID to each address for your use in joining datasets across your organization.

The PreciselyID is also appended to thousands of data points in our 400+ enrichment datasets – linking an address to standard data such as points of interest, property attributes, demographics, boundaries, and also dynamic data like demographic movement or weather changes over time. Performing a quick and straightforward lookup of a PreciselyID returns a variety of data related to that specific address.

And when it comes to data enrichment, the PreciselyID makes it easy by facilitating seamless interoperability between datasets. In short, your data plus our enrichment datasets create the power to analyze an address from multiple perspectives – eliminating time-consuming data prep and spatial processing along the way.

Learn how Accurate Geocoding Enables Data Enrichment


Organizations spend vast amounts of time and money identifying and maintaining the relationships between property-related datasets like addresses, buildings, parcels, property attributes, and points of interest.

Data enrichment, on the other hand, adds deep contextual information about a property that can help businesses make faster, more informed data-driven decisions across a range of applications.

Property Graph uses the PreciselyID to provide a comprehensive and current view of properties that can be readily accessed and directly integrated with business processes.

Learn how having a comprehensive view of a property can accelerate confident decision-making.

In today’s market, personalization is paramount.

Delivering a top-notch customer experience is dependent on having a complete, single view of the customer. That simply isn’t possible if location isn’t factored into the equation.

Using geo addressing and data enrichment to build a single source of truth, or a “golden record” of customer addresses with detailed location attributes, businesses can create more dynamic customer profiles that contain up-to-date and relevant information. In turn, consumer, business, and infrastructure data can be transformed into rich insights that enable organizations to provide better services, products, and experiences for their customers.

Those same data enrichment solutions also ensure accurate and relevant data for the processes and workflows that feed information across the business.

Learn how a leading insurer is set for retail and commercial growth with complete, consolidated customer records

We tend to think about customers in terms of demographics and psychographics. We segment them according to age, gender, income level, family status, and other factors.

Historically, location has played a limited role – we might know where a person lives or works, but usually, that’s the extent of knowledge regarding their location.

Data enrichment, powered by geo addressing and the PreciselyID, changes that.

Location-based insight uncovers consumer behavior in a way that opens your business up to new opportunities, uncovers new revenue sources, and helps drive growth. This combination of a single customer view and dynamic insights enables organizations to gain:

  • Better targeted and personalized customer interactions
  • More authentic brand engagement
  • Seamless engagement with customers and prospects across touchpoints
  • Higher quality customer experience that results in customer loyalty
  • Increased customer lifetime value

Precisely can help you better engage customers and prospects with data enrichment solutions that extend customer profiles and improve customer experience.

Data enrichment delivers value in virtually every industry you can imagine. Here are just a few examples of how data enrichment helps support unique, vertical use cases.

Retail: Deliver more targeted marketing and push notifications to customers when they’re within a specific boundary, address, or point of interest, like a mall. Analyze competitors, identify target markets, and locate expansion opportunities.

Insurance: Add richness and location context to existing information about policyholders, insured properties, and more. The result? More informed pricing decisions, and greater accuracy in underwriting and risk assessment.

Telecommunications: Build smarter geofences close to public points of interest for personalized marketing activities. Spatially enriching customer data records with parcel boundaries and building footprint data offers coverage mapping for real-time mobile networks.

Financial Services: Improve customer and merchant data with the context of location intelligence and demographics data to deliver targeted services, improve anti-money laundering (AML) and fraud detection, and better understand customers, merchants, and ATM locations.

Real Estate: Better understand how residential and commercial real estate properties compare to their counterparts in other locations. Property data empowers a comprehensive 360o view.

Government: Better manage the lifecycle of infrastructure assets and comply with legislative mandates while promoting a vision for a green, global, and connected future.

Keller Williams

To remain as the global market leader in residential real estate, Keller Williams understood that just adding a few clever widgets to its web sites would not be enough. It had to think beyond the current situation, focusing instead on positioning itself to win in the Internet-driven real estate market of the future.

““It was clear from the onset that relying only upon in-house generated, proprietary data would severely limit what could be delivered.”

Kit Edwards, Director Data Analytics, Keller Williams

So, are you ready to get better insights, drive growth, and minimize risk? Find what you need in our Precisely Data Guide.

Taking the step to outsource data enrichment needs, much like companies do with other critical functions like payroll, allows your business to concentrate on more strategic tasks while protecting its most valuable resources: time and people.

Working with a trusted data partner also grants faster, and often less expensive, access to higher quality data that’s backed by industry and subject matter expertise.

That’s why selecting a strong partner for data enrichment solutions is so important – and we’re ready to embark on the journey with you. As a leader in data integrity, our team at Precisely knows the tremendous value that accurate information offers, but we believe that reaping the benefits of that value shouldn’t be a painstaking, meticulous process.

Contact us to learn more about Precisely’s geo addressing and data enrichment solutions that provide the critical context you need to mage bigger, better decisions for your business.

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