Precisely Points of Interest (POI) datasets are multi-sourced and geocoded with Precisely’s world-class geocoding solutions to provide accurate location and company information for businesses, leisure, and geographic features in more than 170 countries and territories around the world.

Each dataset is cross-referenced to determine relationships and provide detailed insights. POIs use a hierarchical classification scheme to ensure global consistency and ease of use. POIs are classified into over 19,000 categories, including transportation, shopping, public utilities, eating and drinking places, and government entities. With access to millions of POIs, you can deepen your analysis with detailed classification that reflects business diversity.

Geofences delineate the extent of specific stores, venues, and other commercial properties. Each is built from high quality geocodes to ensure accuracy when deploying messaging and services to specific locations.

Points of Interest is one of the property data enrichment products that work with Property Graph .

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