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Easy, cost-effective data access

Data delivered as-a-service via APIs gives you a fast, easy, and cost-effective way to enrich your applications, processes, and workflows. Precisely offers more than 100 APIs exposing more than 220 datasets and covering more than 160 countries.

When you call a Precisely API, clean, accurate data flows directly to your applications from the cloud. This eliminates the need to source, cleanse, manage, and update on-premises datasets or maintain your own software solution.

Precisely APIs are designed to be smart and easy to use. Test-drive sample  applications without signing up for an account. When you’re ready to develop, register for a free 30-day trial or a paid account.

Flexible, pay-as-you-go monthly plans are sized for small to mid-sized data use. You can buy online with a credit card or via purchase order. Custom plans for enterprise API use feature volume discounts.

Precisely APIs

Solve tough business problems

Take e-Commerce, for example. Precisely APIs can help you increase purchase conversions, reduce cart abandonment, and eliminate costly returns.

Boost sales on the front end by targeting local buyers with the Property Info API and profiling your audience with the Demographics API. The Address Autocomplete API returns accurate full addresses based on partial addresses, so shipments always go to a real address. The Local Tax API automatically calculates tax at checkout to speed checkout.

Precisely APIs can also work together to increase efficiencies in transportation and logistics by calculating optimal drivetimes and distance. You can also accurately determine origin and destinations for deliveries, route fleets more efficiently, and share arrival times with customers more effectively by combining the Geocode API with Maps, Routing, and Streets APIs.

Understand customers and opportunities

Engage with customers, target the right demographics, and extend your multichannel reach with a 360-degree view informed by Precisely APIs. You can add customer data to marketing workflows, for example, and give campaign planners better insights through demographics, lifestyle segmentations, neighborhood names, property ownership, values, and social affinity insights — all linked to a verified customer address.

You can also validate email addresses using the Email Verification API. Enrich your customer data with Identity Profiles and Demographics APIs. And understand your customers’ neighborhoods with Property Info and Neighborhoods APIs.

Increase developer productivity

Developers can save time and leverage outside expertise by using APIs to deliver information to their business application. Instead of learning how to build typeahead capability for a shopping cart or to integrate local tax rates into billing, e-Commerce, and payroll calculations simply integrate these capabilities through an API request and receive the result you need.

You not only save time by avoiding custom development and maintenance, but you can also reduce risk by using proven technology developed by specialists in the field. You can focus instead on your business applications and needs.

Everything you need for successfully using APIs is available on our self-service developer website, including API descriptions, interactive demos, sample code, detailed documentation, and SDKs. We also provide links to already developed code in GitHub.

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