Fully integrate IBM Z® mainframe and IBM® i systems into your IT security, analytics and services management platforms for enterprise-wide observability and effective, responsive operations management.

Protect your business with comprehensive, real-time visibility

In today’s complex landscape of infrastructure and apps, a single security breach or service outage can bring your entire business to a standstill. It is critically important to be able to constantly monitor operations and instantly respond to events across all your complex, hybrid cloud and on-premise environments.

Increasingly interdependent, multi-stack IT architectures, combined with rapidly evolving IT management tools and applications, can strain your ability to effectively manage your IT operations and security management platforms. The challenge is even greater when your business relies on IBM Z mainframes and IBM i systems.


Complete visibility

Get a comprehensive, real-time view of your IT landscape for better, faster decision-making

Improved agility

Proactively identify, and quickly resolve, security threats and performance problems

Service availability

Avoid downtime, meet demanding SLAs, and deliver great customer and employee experiences

Cost savings

Eliminate manual processes and inefficient tools, and optimize your infrastructure spend

Achieve comprehensive enterprise visibility

IBM Z mainframe and IBM i machine data types and formats are not only unique and diverse, they are also protected by deeply integrated IBM security structures. Developing and maintaining your own tools and APIs to access, transform, and ingest IBM machine data into your ever-growing and evolving set of IT analytics platforms is rarely a viable or sustainable strategy.

Ironstream enables you to easily integrate and correlate IBM mainframe and IBM i machine data with machine data from across your organization, enabling truly comprehensive, real-time visibility into your entire IT infrastructure and operations. Ironstream captures, transforms and delivers the full range of IBM log data, system event, and security information into all the leading security, analytics and operations management platforms.

Ironstream Target Platforms

Additional support

Ironstream support is available for many of the world’s other leading operations, analytics and security packages, including Microsoft SCOM, MicroFocus, Kafka, and IBM QRadar.

Professional support for integration with the tools and solutions critical to your organization’s success is also available.

  • Microsoft SCOM
  • MicroFocus
  • Kafka
  • IBM QRadar

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