Solution Sheet

Ironstream for Elastic®

Integrate mainframe data into Elastic with Ironstream for Elastic

Ironstream for Elastic enables the integration of your critical security and operational machine data from IBM mainframes into Elastic for a complete picture of your IT environment.

To manage today’s IT infrastructure, you need to have a single, comprehensive view of all the systems in your environment. Elastic has become a popular open-source IT analytics solution for many companies but it does not support collection of machine data from IBM mainframe and IBM i systems. Ironstream for Elastic makes it simple to collect, transform and securely stream data from these traditional IBM platforms into Elastic with no need for specialized mainframe or IBM i expertise.

Ironstream is the industry’s leading automatic forwarder of IBM mainframe and IBM i log and machine data to platforms like Elastic. Mainframe and IBM i data forwarded by Ironstream can be merged with other machine data from across an organization’s IT infrastructure to support enterprise-wide IT Operations Analytics (ITOA), and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

Best-in-Class Solution Provides Real-time Security and Operational Insights
Ironstream makes it easy and cost-effective to get a real-time, 360-degree view of your IT infrastructure.

  • Less complexity breaks down silos and seamlessly integrates with Elastic for a single view of all your systems, with no mainframe or IBM i expertise required
  • Clearer, more precise security information with complete visibility into enterprise wide security alerts and risks for all systems, including mainframes and IBM i systems
  • Healthier IT operations because anomalies in the mainframe and IBM i environment are accessible for analytics and diagnosis along with the information coming from other platforms
  • Better problem-resolution management with real-time access to mainframe and IBM i data sources so you can act fast
  • Higher operational efficiency enabled by advanced filtering of SMF records, utilization of zIIP processors, and data loss protection
  • Visibility into cross-platform transactions to monitor and improve IT service delivery and application performance
  • Advanced Filtering of captured SM Fdata* uses low overhead exits with no log stream dependencies. Filtering reduces data volume and network traffic ensuring that only critical records and fields required for desired analytics and visualization are forwarded.
  • Ironstream API* enables COBOL, REXX, and Assembler applications to directly forward application data to an analytics platform for enhanced visualization of application information.
  • zIIP Processors utilized* to reduce CPU consumption and minimize overhead associated with capturing and forwarding data to analytics platforms.
  • SMF Logstream collection* enables asynchronous collection of SMF data in high transaction rate systems to ensure application performance and low latency.
Ironstream for Elastic