EngageOne™ Communicate and Amazon Pinpoint

The Precisely EngageOne™ Communicate platform and Amazon Pinpoint work together on AWS to enable businesses of all sizes to create and deliver personalized interactive communications to customers across channels, segments and campaigns.

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Delivering a data-driven customer experience is the next business imperative

Customers today expect companies to deliver a seamless, personalized experience at the right time in their journeys, providing a relevant message and using the digital channel that they prefer in the moment. “Personalized” and “relevant” are the key concepts behind a data-driven customer experience, whether the channel used is an email, an SMS, a chatbot, or an interactive video.

Whatever the channel, data plays the central role here. Data enables companies to understand their customers, as segments and as individuals, in order to deliver a highly personalized, interactive experience based on that knowledge. However, many enterprises still struggle to leverage their data effectively to understand their customers. This has profound implications for companies that for too long have depended on a “one to many” approach to communications.

Customer retention is a key driver of profitability in the insurance industry, but keeping customers in the face of steadily increasing renewal premiums is a challenge. Delivering an exceptional customer experience centered around data-driven personalized interactive video has a proven track record for building customer loyalty, maximizing renewals to boost profitability, and elevating customer lifetime value through retention, cross-selling, and referrals.

One property & casualty insurer using EngageOne™ Communicate software to deliver personalized interactive videos prior to property insurance renewals found that:

  • 78% of customers watched the entire video
  • 89% gave a “thumbs up” response to the video experience
  • 16% more customers who viewed the video renewed, compared to customers who did not view a video


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Growing revenue, reducing attrition and increasing customer lifetime value are top priorities for banks. Customer onboarding is crucial to the achievement of all three objectives. When banks use smarter data management tools and connect with their customers in innovative ways, they can deliver more effective, customer-pleasing onboarding experiences.

One Precisely client wanted to increase customer adoption of its mobile banking application but was challenged in overcome resistance and getting customers to understand the value it offered. When the company used EngageOne™ Communicate software to send personalized interactive video designed to simplify onboarding, they found that:

  • 55% of customers watched the entire video
  • 40% of the video viewers proceeded to download the app

Improve customer service and support Improve customer satisfaction and revenue without increasing support costs. Provide customers with a seamless servicing journey that includes customer self-service, conversational chatbot engagement, and email/SMS/video follow-up with related documents and surveys. Personalized interactive videos provide transparent, timely, and convenient service for the customer, and a consistent experience across channels. Organizations that use personalized interactive video saw that

  • 64% of customers said they better understood the client’s services after seeing their videos
  • 74% of customers said they feel the company cares about them

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Precisely and AWS have partnered on an integrated solution that makes it fast, accurate, and cost-effective to mount engaging and highly personalized communications and campaigns at scale.

Amazon Pinpoint is a flexible, scalable AWS service that marketers use to engage with customers across multiple messaging channels, including custom channels like EngageOne™ Communicate interactive video. Using your consolidated customer data uploaded to AWS and ingested by Amazon Pinpoint, the service provides segmentation, targeting, channel choice, data-driven personalization, and automation so marketers can execute large-scale campaigns and customer journeys.

EngageOne™ Communicate software from Precisely is a cloud-based platform available on the AWS Marketplace. It allows business users to create personalized interactive videos and other communications built on campaign logic and customer data flowing from Amazon Pinpoint via an API connection. For personalized interactive videos, customers receive an email with a link to their video. While watching, they can select content relevant to them and take action directly within the video.

Using the EngageOne™ Communicate platform with Amazon Pinpoint enables deep data-driven personalization of interactive videos and advanced campaign logic so you can target thousands of concurrent users with different profiles.

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Precisely on AWS

With over 12,000 global customers, Precisely is an acknowledged industry expert and market leader in fully integrated end-to-end SaaS customer engagement solutions.

Precisely on AWS delivers the flexibility and agility you need to create and deliver personalized interactive communications to customers. Working together, Precisely and AWS support a variety of customer experience-driven use cases that help companies keep valuable customers engaged.

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