Data Validation and Enrichment

Data validation and enrichment solutions

Validate and enrich your critical data to move faster, gain accurate understanding of business risk, and move forward with confident decisions.

Get personalized results to solve your unique validation, address, location, and enrichment business challenges.

Having the expert resources needed to satisfy critical business objectives can take time and effort. But personalized, timely results delivered to meet your needs can change everything – especially when it comes to accurate data validation, global address standardization, and data enrichment.

That’s because the needs of a business often extend far beyond traditional address and contact data validation, and gaining ready access to trusted, easy-to-use data can feel like a complicated process.

It requires time, resources, and specialized tools and skills to access data from siloed, back-end systems. Then, cleansing and standardizing that data, and enriching it with context that can reveal critical relationships among people and places, assets, and opportunities.

So how do you solve these complex challenges? It’s more than just a single capability. You need to:

  • Validate and standardize data, including addresses, contact data, and more, with best-in-class data quality capabilities
  • Unlock valuable, hidden context that transforms raw data into powerful, actionable insights with industry-leading location-based capabilities
  • Enhance analytics and decision-making with a robust data enrichment portfolio

Together, you’re delivered the results you need, when you need them.

More powerful together

Think of the combined capabilities this way: if a business is developing a feature on a website that helps individuals around the world shop for property insurance, there needs to be more than just an address database or access to a geocode capability.

A need like this requires:

  • Sophisticated address-matching algorithms for the most accurate address verification across countries, languages, and character sets
  • The most positionally accurate locations (latitude/longitude) – including rooftop and even sub-building locations
  • Enriched address data to understand relationships at scale; is the property in an area of increased risk of natural or manmade hazards, or is it a multi-tenant building?



It’s critical to have access to a complete suite of solutions and capabilities designed to work together and bring more value when combined.

With Precisely, you access data validation, geo addressing (address verification combined with geocoding), and enrichment – without the heavy investments in subject matter experts, hardware, and time spent keeping the data up to date.

That means more time to solve your business problems and achieve trusted data: data with accuracy, consistency, and context.

“Data validation verifies the existence, completeness and accuracy of data that companies currently hold, against external authoritative data sources such as the ones for postal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and other business-related data. Vendors in this market provide services that verify the data and/or respond with correct and completed datasets through validation and enrichment processes.” 1


High quality data is critical to ensure you can trust the data being used for decision-making.

First, you begin with validating your data using fundamental data quality rules and applying the appropriate business rules needed for the scenario.

Data quality rules include ensuring that data:

  • Is complete
  • Contains no duplicates
  • Conforms with the expectations for that type of data. (For example, if an email address doesn’t include an @ symbol, it’s easy to know it’s invalid.)

Higher engagement with accurate data

Data quality rules are essential to gaining accurate data.

Matching individual names and businesses from around the globe, entered in various ways, can be challenging to say the least.

But complex name recognition and advanced matching capabilities supported by a comprehensive database for over 200 countries makes it seamless. You gain the highest quality dataset, a single customer view, and improved customer engagement globally.

When it comes to email addresses, the risk of having your business messages flagged as spam is too high.

Valuable email communications are built on a foundation of accurate email data. Data validation and verification support this foundation by:

  • Lowering bounce rates with greater formatting accuracy
  • Reducing risk of your business being categorized as spam to senders – often meaning they’ll never see your messages

Many other contact-related fields also require validation to ensure accuracy – phone numbers, addresses, gender, and ethnicity, to name just a few – and all have their own unique requirements for validation, cleansing, and standardization.

Address data is common and often critical, but working with addresses is often challenging and has a variety of complex considerations to ensure their accuracy.

Take out the guesswork with data quality solutions that power accurate, consistent, and complete data.

“Along with most organizations, we are prioritizing being able to trust our data more and focusing on key strategic pillars like data quality.”

Gladwin Mendez
Data Officer, Fisher Funds 2

The more accurate your address data, the more reliable your business outcomes. Let’s dive deeper into how global addresses can be optimized for better results.

The problem:
Entry inconsistencies make it challenging to keep address data consistent across repositories and to operationalize address data as a tool in analysis, matching, and enrichment. Some businesses start with an address as input and need to know the latitude and longitude coordinates, a process known as geocoding. Others are address-focused and require parsing, standardization, verification/validation of address data, de-duplication, and entity resolution.

The solution:
When consistency is key, silos need to be broken down.

But how do you better enrich data with context and connect disparate datasets? Geo addressing.

For the highest levels of accuracy in both location and address data, geo addressing integrates both geocoding and addressing capabilities.

For even greater consistency, geo addressing also assigns the PreciselyID, our unique identifier, to each address.

Using the PreciselyID, you can accurately enrich your location or address data with information from our catalog of over 400 datasets containing more than 9,000 attributes, like points of interest and property attributes, dynamic data like demographic movement, or weather changes over time.

High-quality addresses can play a crucial role in unlocking new, lucrative business opportunities – when used right. Empower your teams to spend less time on manual data prep, and more time exceeding goals with business-ready data.

Find out how geo addressing helps you make better, more confident decisions with the context you need – thanks to accurately verified, geocoded, and enriched addresses.

Precisely offers the most accurate global geocoding and address verification for over 250 countries and territories.

Data is the driving force behind business today. It’s likely that your organization is generating more data than ever before – but often that data on its own won’t maximize your decision-making or return on investment.

That’s what makes data enrichment so important.

Core internal data can provide a good foundation, but enriching what you have with reliable third-party datasets provides even more context. And that context powers better decisions that help us:

  • Better understand our customers and deliver great omnichannel experiences
  • Evaluate business risk
  • Select the right location for stores, restaurants, and infrastructure
  • … and so much more

Our offering of frequently updated datasets includes data on geodemographics, census information, world points of interest, world boundaries, postal code boundaries, building attributes, weather data, and boundaries for flood, fire, and other risks. All this data is attachable to an address via the PreciselyID.

So let us take care of the tedious sourcing, prepping, quality checking, and updating of information. All you need to think about are the amazing possibilities ahead, grounded in data you can trust.

Get the context you need to drive your business forward, thanks to data enrichment.

The PreciselyID, assigned as part of Precisely’s geo addressing, enables fast and easy location intelligence and data enrichment from Precisely’s catalog of more than 9000 attributes in over 400 datasets, providing context for deeper insights and more informed decisions.

We’ve covered a lot about the business results linked to data validation and enrichment. But how do you want to obtain those results?

Many organizations find it helpful to have options. Do you want to …

  • Interface with a solution via an API or batch?
  • Use a software developer kit?
  • Have deployment options in the cloud or on-premises?

Flexible delivery options help you reduce costs – there’s no need to hire staff with the business expertise, or to spend time on system maintenance or keeping data up to date.

Let’s look at SaaS-based solutions, for instance. These options are preferred for those who want to:

  • Provide only the required input information and have the needed business results automatically returned via API or batch
  • Easily scale from simple to complex results without hiring subject matter experts or technical resources to configure or maintain the solution
  • Automatically update all required data, so no staff is required for ongoing updates – saving the organization time and money

Ultimately, no two businesses are the same and everyone’s ideal will be different.

That’s why you need data validation and enrichment solutions that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. Precisely also offers a set of APIs and a developer toolkit as additional delivery options.

We’re all about meeting your business where it’s at on the data quality journey, and providing you with the flexibility you need to reach new levels of success.

The results you need to power your business

As your business evolves, so will your IT needs and capabilities. Choose a flexible solution now to save yourself potential headaches and unexpected costs later.

Precisely solutions have multiple delivery and deployment options available to meet your needs. We also recognize you may have an investment in other technologies, but rest assured – we can meet your data validation and enrichment needs wherever your data lives, while you continue to leverage your current investments.

Easy to deploy, use, and manage, Precisely solutions combine outstanding flexibility with the power of high-volume processing. They leverage Precisely’s Enrich product portfolio, other third-party data, as well as your own internal data to keep pace with rapidly changing business requirements.

Take your business further with data quality solutions that power bigger and better outcomes.

“If people don’t trust the insights, they’re not going to act on them, especially when the insights conflict with their so-called gut reaction”

Dan Power
MD of Data Governance, Global Markets, State Street 3

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