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Guarantee 24/7 application availability and protect from data loss with a market-leading family of full-featured IBM i high availability and disaster recovery products

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Assure MIMIX HA is the leader in IBM i high availability and disaster recovery. Thousands of companies worldwide, from small businesses to global enterprises, depend on Assure MIMIX HA to keep their data safe from disaster and their operations running continuously.

With scalable real-time replication, self-healing audits of replicated data, an easy graphical interface, and customizable switch automation, Assure MIMIX HA allows you to meet even the most aggressive service level agreements for recovery point and recovery time.

It gives you the flexibility to replicate between different IBM i OS versions, hardware models and storage types the expandability to replicate to multiple servers located on-site, off-site or in the cloud and the scalability to handle the transaction volumes of complex enterprises. All that, plus simple options for monitoring and management make Assure MIMIX HA the easy choice for confidently eliminating planned and unplanned downtime.

Assure MIMIX
Assure MIMIX HA, Assure MIMIX for PowerHA extends HA/DR protection by enabling replication of data to additional local or remote servers for disaster recovery, query and data distribution purposes.


Customer Story: Wimbledon depends on Assure MIMIX HA to ensure their ticketing systems remain available, especially during The Championships


Assure MIMIX DR is a comprehensive, affordable disaster recovery solution for entry-level IBM i servers with mission-critical data and applications.

It works to protect your business from lost data and extended downtime by maintaining a real-time replica of your production server on a recovery server located on-site, off-site, or in the cloud.

Because data and applications are stored on a live recovery server, downtime for an unplanned outage is significantly lower than tape-based recovery.

Continuous audits of replicated data and checklist-driven failover procedures ensure that recovery is as simple, efficient and reliable. If your production server has been repaired or replaced, Precisely disaster recovery experts will assist with moving operations back to that server and resuming replication.

Assure MIMIX for PowerHA

Assure MIMIX for PowerHA extends and enhances IBM® PowerHA® SystemMirror® for i with protection for data and applications in SYSBAS, expanded HA/DR configurations and real-time access to business data.

IBM PowerHA for i does not replicate SYSBAS data. MIMIX for PowerHA assures that all data and applications are fully protected from downtime and loss.

It monitors for conditions that could slow or stop an IBM PowerHA switch, such as duplicate library names between SYSBAS on the target server and the IASP on the source server.

When Assure MIMIX for PowerHA is paired with Assure MIMIX HA, they increase HA/DR protection by replicating data in both IASPs and SYSBAS to additional local or remote recovery servers, and they can feed real-time data to non-HA servers.

Customer Story: Kingland Systems realized Assure MIMIX HA was the perfect HA/DR solution for their business

Assure MIMIX for Db2 Mirror

IBM Db2 Mirror synchronously replicates data between Db2 nodes for continuous Db2 data availability in the event of planned maintenance or database node failure. However, with IBM Db2 Mirror, the two database nodes must be nearby in the same data center, exposing data to loss due to regional, site or data center outage. Assure MIMIX for Db2 Mirror is an essential complement to IBM Db2 Mirror that protects data from all disaster scenarios by replicating it to recovery servers off-site or in the cloud.

While IBM Db2 Mirror replicates objects required for data availability, not all objects needed for server failover are replicated. Assure MIMIX for Db2 Mirror replicates those critical objects for worry-free planned or unplanned failover. Expanded topologies with HA, DR and data distribution nodes are also possible to assure continuous server, application and data availability.


Eliminate downtime
Meet the most aggressive service level agreements through highly scalable, hardware-independent replication and advanced failover automation
Prevent data loss
Maintain a real-time replica of your production system on-premises or in the cloud
Enhance Power HA
Complement IBM’s hardware and database mirroring solutions to enhance replication, expand topologies, and assure worry-free failover
Advanced automation
Monitor and manage HA/DR with native IBM i and graphical interfaces, color-coded status dashboards and unattended monitoring options

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